PAL -- more word-play

It seems from now on, those criticizing the adoption industry need to embrace the phrasology used by those adoption advocates who prefer to use Positive Adoption Language when they write/speak.  Away with child trafficking or illegal adoptions... they look very bad and are not the sort of phrases AP's will want to use.

International adoption advocates prefer the term “adoption fraud” over “child trafficking” in cases where children are not taken for sexual exploitation or slavery. But as we have been reminded by the controversy in Haiti, poor children around the world are in danger of being taken from their families, sometimes through fraudulent adoptions for hidden profits and sometimes for slave markets.  [From:  Halting Child Trafficking in Haiti through DNA ]

So... when a child is a victim of "adoption fraud"  AND is sexually exploited by the paying owner AP, can we still say that abused adoptee is indeed a victim of child trafficking???

What do we call the practice of selling not-really-orphan children to AP's who starve, beatcage  "strongly discipline" and home school their carefully chosen angels?

Any suggestions? 



Actually I feel pity for those orphans like who suffers from sexual exploitation from their parents. I feel so blessed for having poster parents like my dada and mama. And no word can define how much I feel the love they’re giving to me.

"poster parents"

Those who have wonderful, loving, accepting parents SHOULD feel blessed.  Without question, they are the lucky ones!

Meanwhile... there are those of us who have been fostered/adopted who know certain conditions must be met before we can be "loved"... or even accepted.  [Dare some imagine what some of those "conditions" include?  Dare some imagine what some fostered/adopted children are forced to do, or must accomplish, in order to be seen as "the poster child"... a child worthy of love/acceptance?]

"Love is the greatest obstacle to being reborn.  In love, one stakes claim to another human being, incorporating that person into his or her own image"  [From:  Murder Suicide, Keith Ablow, p. 156]

If love has the power to help another be re-born, what happens when good nurturing, SAFE love is absent?   


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