Earthquakes and adoption

When an earthquake hit Haiti last month, the newspapers were immediately filled with stories of children needed to be "saved" through adoption, and several governments almost immediately granted permission to remove children from the island.

Today I checked the news and not a single article referred to adoption of children from Chile. Not one.

Why is it that one earthquake immediately triggers the drive to adopt "orphans", while the other doesn't?

Oh, I forgot, Haiti already had a flourishing adoption business before their earthquake, while Chilean adoptions are rare.


Re Earthquakes and adoption

Hi Simon
its a real interesting question you ask

I thought I would see if I could find any answers

1) On a site called Chile Adoption -

There is the following note

Note: It appears that at least some agencies have put their Chile programs on hold until political issues are resolved.
In 2008, U.S. citizens adopted no children from Chile.

2) Another site

On its page about Chile it saysChilean adoption law gives priority to Chilean families over non-Chilean families. Most Chilean children available for intercountry adoption are at least four years old. Not all children eligible for adoption in Chile meet U.S. immigration requirements to receive an orphan visa

So thats the 'facts' per se - One thing to note and that is the age minimum seems to be 4. Which may rule out a lot of prospective parents

I think also there is the fact that  the Chilean Economy seems to be reasonably strong and I suspect the abject poverty you see in Haiti may not be so prevalent

And where poverty is not a huge issue then a few factors come into play

a) Family Planning - now I have no knowledge of Chile but I suspect because the poverty levels aren't so dire then family planning may be more widely used
b) With more family planning then less likelihood of huge adoption numbers
c) I am not sure how Catholic the country is but I did see reference into the fact that Protestantism is also strong

Interestingly I was curious about Abortions This is what Wiki says

All forms of abortion in Chile are penalized, without legal exceptions. The Chilean abortion law is considered one of the most restrictive in the world

Ok so again that is one way to look at it

But I am a bit of a cynic :)

1) I wonder if Haiti gave the opportunity for some 'well-meaning' people who may also have strong Christian beliefs to jump into a ~ We can rescue kids for God'  ~ mode
A perfect opportunity if one is of that persuasion

2) Also I did wonder about  #Silsby's motived in Haiti
Only because I noticed on her business plan it mentioned organising international adoptions. Now she was prepared to pay $7500 a month rent for the kids from Haiti and thats a lot to ask your church to pay every month
And we all know how much money is around in the International Adoption business :)

So to conclude - Haiti felt a bit sordid to me -  the rush for orphans
And you know Iin my ideal world - Adoption would be less and less needed especially International Adoptions
Because where there isn't poverty you get little adoption

But that might just upset the apple carts of a lot of people



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Hero Mentality: Not the right people

Even though Chile was more heavily hit, the religious crusade and political move of "saving lives/children" wouldn't be nearly as dramatic in Chile, as it was in Haiti.... a place where weak government and corruption rules.  [In Haiti, foreigners would be seen as heros; in Chile they would be seen as mere assisting helpers.... barely making headline news.]

Still, it IS amazing to see how different this latest double-whammie catastrophe is depicted... especially when it comes to the needs of families and children:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


In a weak country, when crisis hits, international adoption efforts become very strong; in a stronger country, when crisis hits, calls to reunite families become quite loud.

Do the math... where do YOU think adoption facilitators will try to hit and lead, when there is a crisis or catastrophe?

Gotta love the way politics, religion, economics, AND adoption mix.... especially when the weak and poor can be seen as easy unprotected prey.

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