In the matter of the adoption of Amelya Frances Kirkpatrick - Affidavit by Duke Purcell

Date: 2010-02-08


Raping Samoa of it's most valuable resources, imaginary orphans

This affidavit from Mr. Duke Purcell says that Scott and Karen Banks should not be trusted, and should be considered unfit as parental material.  Mr. Purcell tell us something we do not know.  Karen Banks was hoping that these two adopted and displaced children would never be discovered.

So this guy saved Karen Banks butt from being fried, is that when the baby died in the nanny house,or when  Karen and co-conspirator Colleen Bartlett were in Western Samoa, and were being detained for the condition of the nanny house? I bet he wishes he did not save her ass.  We all wish that he had let her rot in Samoa.  She was just raping the country of it's most valued resource, it's children.

This man and his family took in the two adopted Romanian children and raised and loved them as their own.  This man says he was not compensated by the Banks for this.  Hell, he said they were wonderful children and never once saw them act up.  Yet, Karen Banks said they failed to bond.  Any child would fail to bond if they did not feel loved and wanted. Seems they had no problem bonding with the Purcell's. Mr. Purcell calls the Banks liars about the behavior of Ethan and Auriel.

Good for Mr. Purcell to write up his side of the story.   Why did the judge in this case not consider what he had to say? Was he and the GAL, sharing the same glass of punch? 

John Wyatt, Baby Emma stuck in Utah

to hear oral arguments for Baby Emma today May 24, 2010 in the Utah Court of Appeals.

Good Luck John Wyatt.

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