In the Matter of the Adoption of Amelya Frances Kirkpatrick: Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law


For some reason, this latest update reminds me of the fight CWA is facing, and the sort of so-called unbiased third-party investigations that subsequently take place.

Let's see.... strongly religious people need to prove just how suitable they are to parent other people's children, so what is really needed to help prove their case?  Oh, I know!  Find an unbiased investigator who happens to share the same religious beliefs.  

Are these sort of cases really as UNBIASED as courts would like us to believe? 


Are there unbiased courts, or unbiased investigators when religion is involved?

It seems no child ever made it out of Utah. Already with the Mountain Meadows massacre, the 17 children that were not executed by the militia, were distributed under local mormon families.

Utah seems to be a hole that sucks in children. The only kids ever to leave the state, are the ones re-educated in the torture camps of World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools (WWASPS), or dumped in remote places like Samoa.

Of course WWASPS receives the same kind of protection the Banks' receive, so investigations in Utah are just as unbiased as internal investigations the Catholic church made into clerical abuse.

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I am a former law guardian  and have experience acting in a similar capacity to Roger Barron the guardian in this case.  Courts rely heavily on the opinion of guardians who are supposed to TRULY represent the child's best interest.  But  Judges  are  ultimately the ones to  render  their own opinions based on law, fact and justice.   Both these sworn officers of the court have not only failed in their duties but disgraced their professions in their performances in this matter.   Something is VERY wrong.

As an adoption provider, I know that regardless of the state,  adoptive parents are to be carefully scrutinized for their ability to provide physical care, stability, nurturance and parental guidance  for children.  We look to their lack of criminal and child abuse and neglect history, their parenting capacity or history with other children  and their moral integrity as well as ability to provide food, clothing and shelter.  Adoption is a privilege for those who qualify.  Just one of the many failures of the Banks could be sufficent to refuse to approve a parent's home study and approve an adoption.  Collectively,  they are overwhelming reasons to deny the application. 

As an adoptive parent I am outraged that  a judicial system could so cavalierly ignore criminal history of  something so heinous as trafficking in children.

As an adoptee who grew up KNOWING adoption is forever, I am horrified that parents who dump their children when they get inconvenient, can not only get away with it  without repercussion but actually be given the gift of another adopted child with which to  repeat it.

As an advocate for adoption reform, I expect to see corruption in international adoption, unacceptable amounts of money in domestic adoption and cases where there are no easy or satisfactory answers.  But  I do not expect to see this kind of blatent injustice and  complete disregard for law anywhere in the US Courts.    This decision cries out for a thorough  investigation as to  how  on earth these horrible, immoral, selfish criminals were approved to adopt a child, especially given that there was another qualified family not only  ready to parent but fighting to keep her.

Please join us in asking for an investigation and reversal of this travesty of justice. 

Barbara J McArtney                                                                                                                                                    Attorney at Law




As an adoption provider

As an adoptive parent

As an adoptee

As an advocate for adoption reform

Too much shocked-shocked protest, too much scandalized outrage. Of course something is wrong. We live in a country that gives religious-whackjob parents -- especially white hetero christian Moron Church bigots, snatching kids from the countries they proselytize without any letup -- the license to traffic, scam, abuse and even kill.

Freedom of religion does not mean the freedom to harm others based on those beliefs.

Utah adoption, scrapes the bottom of the "outhouse"



After carefully reading all that I could find on this site about the owners of Focus on Children, and I do mean ALL of it. (Tiger Woods is alive in Utah.)  It was even more difficult to read the B.S. of the Facts and Findings.  It does not match.  Who is this "made up family"?  Wow, they have done a 360 instantly.  I saw their picture on 48 hours, I have communicated with many of the victims, some Samoan, some Guatemalan, others Marshall Islands, Russian, and other Eastern European Counties.  Not a single good word was said about them. Nada. 

I was so relieved to read that the neglect and concern of the treatment of the Romanian child was "years" ago and that Scott and Karen Banks have "moved on".  Isn't it wonderful when the "adoptive parents" can move on from the treatment and horrors that they have caused their adopted kids, yet the adoptive kids, have just begun to "mentally unravel" from it all.  Gee, Scott and Karen Banks, were all so happy that as adults your enjoying your happy carefree life, as your adopted kids, seek help due to your "treatment". 

How is your probation going Karen Banks how can you be a stay home mom when your supposed to be paying into a trust for the Samoan families that your adoption agency, Focus on Children ripped apart.  We hope that your baking cookies and vacuuming up, be careful, of what you toss in your trash, check to make sure it is not another child.

I love how the courts in Utah use the word "treatment" please tell us what "treatment" really means.  Maybe we should ask Jenni Mowery, does it really mean "mistreatment", neglect or abuse?

Where did they get all the fluffy "white" words.  I think that Jenni Mowery may do home studies during the day but a night she gets out her synonym dictionary and begins to really work.  She plays scrabble with words, she fills them up with hot air and pastes them on to a home study.  In this particular case, she found a home study that belonged to a Christian family, and just put the Bank's name on the top.

Evil, wicked, self-serving, adoptive parents becomes, kind, thoughtful, wonderful, unselfish.

Strange, peculiar, odd, becomes, no psychological problems, normal.

Dumping, sans legal docs. becomes, placing them with a "attachment specialist" in Samoa. An attachment specialist in Samoa,,what the F....K,,are you kidding me in Samoa, shoot they are hard to find in the States let alone SAMOA!

I goggled Lyle Hillyard, he is a Utah State Senate.  Lyle Hillyard, State Senator, you were representing the Kirkpatrick's in this case, do you pride yourself in your legal work?  A child. Your a family law attorney.  Your clients wanted their child back.  You were a no show.

#5 That was really fun to read, the Banks must not give up this child, treat her as their own and give her what she needs to succeed.  How in the hell are the Banks going to be ever able to give her what she needs to succeed.  Lets go back to their criminal record.  How could anything they say on a witness stand be taken as true.  I saw what the Roger Baron wrote about them (PPL) they had all these fraud indictments.  For the lay man fraud is lying.  For a home study social worker in Utah, fraud is a fancy and clever word for 'trick', it is innocent like how it is used in Trick or Treat, the Banks trick and get the treat.

#6, There was no other "option" for this child.  Utah is that desperate, the Banks were the only people interest in this child, or they just happened to be of the "one and only religion, that controls the courts in Utah".  And all in the court room that day belonged to the "one and only religion".  Mormons.

The Romanian children that were brought over from Romania should really speak out.   Their lives as they lived in the Banks home, was swept away, never discuss them again, the Banks have gone on to bigger and better, a happier time, rid of those pesky Romanians.  Didn't I read that Scott and the bio sons were so welcoming to them, when Karen returned from Romania,  so much for newness.

 I read above there was a Guardian Ad Litem.  Damn dude, this is worst than crazy, just totally irresponsible.  Roger Baron, this girl needs a stable home free from criminals.  I read there was another family trying to get their daughter back from the Banks.   Why, Mr. Baron?

So who was the child psychologist, her name is never mentioned, how much time did she spend with this child.  Attachment disorder, who knows, time will tell.  You can not just say, oh, she has none by looking at her eyes. Did the child psychologist fly this child to Samoa, and have her observed by the Samoan Attachment Specialist, that cares for the Banks other adopted kids?  All made up, all fluffy, beautiful fluffy happiness in the Banks home.

Judge Willmore, I have heard of Judges sleeping on the bench, but...................

Ambassador Jon Huntsman, is the U.S. Ambassador to China, this was a Chinese girl.  How embarrassing to his family, that this could happen to a Chinese girl, being adopted by less than ethical parents.


 So if you have a pulse in Utah, own a beat up pick up truck, FLUSH AWAY adopted kids, you can still adopt in Utah!


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