Dutch Government allows new 'Babylift'operation to get children for adoption from Haiti

Date: 2010-01-15

Like many adoption agencies and related organisations are preparing airlifts from Haiti, the Dutch Adoption Agency NAS and also the biggest adoption agency in the Netherlands, Wereldkinderen, is organising an joint private flight for getting children from Haiti in a fast track procedure. Ministry of Justice agreed upon this request and allows 56 children to be adopted in a situation of crisis in Haiti.

The adoptions from Haiti shows a long history of misfortune and problems for and with children and (birth) parents from Haiti. Earlier adoption agency Flash (which was merged with NAS last year) was accused earlier of uncontrolled adoptions from Haiti a few years ago. But already in 2003 the Youth inspectorate called for a strict control about adoptions from Haiti. And Flash had to close the earlier adoption channel from Haiti. But soon they restarted with another mediator from Haiti.

It seems that Adoption agencies worldwide act fast and with(out) consent of governments of both sides to get the children out of countries strucked by war or natural disasters. Earlier airlifts (babylift operations) for adoption is seen in Vietnam, Korea, Cambodia and the Tsunami region. Also who does not know the recent Arc de Zoe case where a so called rescue operation was a cover up for childtrafficking for 'illegal adoptions' to the west with consent of te French government. NGO's like the Red Cross always called for a halt or careful approach of adoption as a solution during time of crisis. Children might have family left or at least the time should be awaited to find relatives and families.

Earlier situations like during the Tsunami crisis, show that Adoption Agencies are landing quickly in areas of uncontrolled administrations. Even if adoptionprocedures have been started, still all precautions should be taken to prevent fast track adoptions like now seems to be happening again. The history repeats itself. And no one is asking what the consequences will be in the future for the country and their inhibitants nor for the adoptees who will grow older one day.

The reality shows that even now, adult adoptees from Haiti are worried about the situation in Haiti and regarding their (located) families (found or not). These markings in the adoptee history shows us, that adoption is not the first solution for children in need.

Again the adoption-industry sells their product on fear and emotions of others. The Dutch Adoption agency already claimed the Haitian children as theirs stating in their communication that they gonna fly THEIR children out of Haiti. A continued misconception and wrong word use is showing and reveals the real interest of these agencies. No word about the possible Haitian parents or families. This is an clear example of neo-colonial thinking and no one protests.

Earlier this week the Dutch Ministry of Justice said to halt risky adoptions. But with accepting this initiative of adoption parents and adoption agencies running against international guidelines during times of crisis, shows that the intention of the Dutch Ministry was just a case of continuing their earlier policies regarding intercountry adoption. Adoptive parents can do what they want. Certainly when they have the chance when public media is trowing emotional fragments from the strucked country like Haiti.

The question in which interest these adoption really are is answered during the decades of intercountry adoption. How long will this go on ? One should end the Adoptionindustry, the adoption agencies wont ! At least this all reaches the shore of Child or Human Trafficking.


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