You can help: East Tennessee efforts to support Haiti

Date: 2010-01-14

Remote Area Medical (RAM) is taking a planes full of medical supplies to Haiti to help with the humanitarian crisis there after the earthquake.

"There is a hospital there that has admitted large number of casualties, we heard a number today, some 1,800 casualties, and a critical shortage of medical care. Only two doctors at that hospital," said RAM Founder Stan Brock.

RAM is accepting donations at Digital X-ray Specialist at 3700 Pleasant Ridge Road through the weekend. RAM's staff is overwhelmed with phone calls, so if you have any questions call Hope Community Church at (865) 599-1044.

Drop off schedule:

Friday through 10 p.m., Saturday, Janurary 16th from 9 a.m.- 5 p.m., and Sunday January 17th from 1 p.m.- 5 p.m.

Items needed:

Aspirin - as much as you can provide

Ibuprofen/ Tylenol - liquid for infants, Tablets for adults

Anti-diarrhea medication (like Imodium) tablets or capsules (not liquid or liqui-gels) - as much as you can provide

Anti-itch cream (Benadryl)

Vaseline (we can use up to 20 pounds)

Antibiotic cream (Neosporin) as much as you can provide

Ace bandages - as much as you can provide

Ziplock bags - all sizes

Fine tip sharpies - 20

Alcohol in plastic bottles up to 50 bottles

Wash cloths - will be lower priority so will be one of the last things packed

Dish towels (flour sack cotton, not washcloth type - basically those that would leave less lent) these are for use by docs when treating patients

Empty bottles with multi hole pop up caps various sizes (these can be filled with water to flush debris) you can find smaller ones in travel item section at Wal-Mart

Crutches - have an old set at home you aren't using? If stoppers, handgrips and arm pads are in good shape - we can use these.

Eye drops - non-medicated (saline....liquid tears) as much as you can provide.

Gauze pads - 2x2 and 4x4 sizes

Band-aids - 20 -30 boxes


Flashlights with batteries

Headlamps with batteries

Stay tuned for any other opportunities to help RAM help Haiti.

"Kids Helping Kids"

You can help from home. A 12-year-old in Knoxville is doing what she can from her closet.

Farragut Middle School student Briana Lackey is working to get her classmates to donate t-shirts for Haitian children.

Her program's called "Kids Helping Kids."

Right now, Lackey's only got a few shirts from her own closet, and a couple from her friends, but she's hoping to collect a whole lot more.

Lackey says she knows kids suffering from the disaster need more than just clothes, but she wants to do what she can.

"They just need help. They need something. Something to brighten their day," Lackey said. "Maybe a new t-shirt, an old t-shirt. Something. They just need it."

To donate, e-mail "Kids Helping Kids" at:

Knoxville Catholic Diocese

The Knoxville Catholic Diocese is also mobilizing to raise donations for earthquake victims.

In addition to special prayers for Haitians at mass this weekend, the diocese will be taking up special offerings for the effort.

The money will go to Catholic Relief Services, which has already pledged $5 million to help Haitian victims.

Donations will help purchase everything from food and water, to sanitation needs.

"Each and every human being was created in the likeness and image of God.They're our brothers and sisters. It's the Christian faithful. Whether they're in Haiti or Bangledesh or Southern California, they're our brothers and sisters who are in need," said Knoxville Diocese Chancellor Deacon Sean Smith.

Find out more at

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is mobilizing to Haiti as well.

"You know, the people of Haiti aren't looking for televisions or things like that. They're looking for water, for food, for healthcare," said Mary Beth Birge.

The Knoxville Red Cross is supporting national efforts to help the people of Haiti.

They'll be setting up disaster relief shelters, as well as helping with food, water and sanitation needs.

Red Cross officials will also work to reconnect family members separated by the quake.

"The minute I got to work yesterday, the phones started ringing. Schools, churches, individuals. We've had foplks walking in our doors. We even had someone offer to donate foodstamps because they didn't have dollars to give," Lori Marsh said.

One way you can easily donate to help the Red Cross, text "Haiti" to 9-0-9-9-9.

A $10 donation will immediately be added to your cell phone bill.

If you'd like more information on how to help family members find each other, visit the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Help Orphans in Haiti

An international adoption agency, with a large branch here in Knoxville, is bracing for more children without parents after the massive quake.

"Obviously, this is a country with about 9 million people and a lot of orphans in that country because of the poverty situation and different things going on over there. Now it's going to be exacerbated because of this type of catastrophe, and there are probably going to be even more orphans than there are now," said Terri Bowles of Bethany Christian Services.

Bethany works with two orphanages in Haiti already.

They'll be sending support, in the form of volunteers and supplies. They're also asking for volunteers to go on a relief trip to Haiti in the near future.


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