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The internet is littered with RAD blogs… sometimes I read them for sick twisted not fun , not interested, more of fascination of see how parent after parent is trapped into the RAD cult, without knowing. Sadly also is how often children end up in out of home care anyway. Where help never comes any way (more like the treatment Bizzi writes about) Here is one I recently ran across.  http://threesmithkids.blogspot.com/   I could provide a very long list if you guys want. 
Parents are so easily swept up into the cause. No one else is providing any answers or help. They group up. They complain.
but they often make me think, do they even know how normal kids act?  they don't know the truth about the RAD cult leaders the follow usually when they get started. 
www.childrenintherapy.org has more info on that... 

a short list of just a few blogs I found

  here are just a few I found....  they are all over the place. 

http://attachment-disorder.adoptionblogs.com/ old and not on going apparently (good in a way because imo adoption.com should always win the demon in adoption award… how many, many lies on that site and the psychos that run it…) 
http://afostermamaslife.blogspot.com related, not RAD centered, but don’t know what to make of it, thanking God I didn’t have to live in her home
this one didn’t seem so bad, no mention of RAD in the few entries I read, not a massive # of kids, seem to be treating them nice and saying pleasant things about the children, but she links to some nut cases (and the title is so great) http://wechoseadoption.blogspot.com/

 but, and thus folks this is how people plug the RAD cult and others are taken in

if you think RAD cult therapy is good

http://stopchildtorture.org/  a site to visit from people who have lived through RAD cult therapy and growing up in homes like the above blogs :(

Not sure how I made it on your list

because I don't have any RAD kids. But I'm pretty darn sure that I'm glad you didn't have to live in my home too. I have a low tolerance for Judgey Judy bull and that's about all I've seen around here. People in glass houses and all that....

Lol "glass houses", please

I have a low tolerance for Judgey Judy bull and that's about all I've seen around here.

Sorry but people who have been damaged by assault-disguised-as-"diagnosis", or other abuses of the care cartel have every right to speak up against it. You'll see a lot of that around here, to be certain. Hopefully, you won't be a sucker who buys into RAD/attachment b.s.

Its propagators deserve far worse than just judgey judy, so there is really no reason to be complaining.

I couldn't agree with you more.

What a GREAT post. I couldn't agree with you more--although this is the fist time I have seen it labeled as a cult; which you hit the nail on the head! I find myself somewhere between anger and out right disgust. Thanks for being honest.

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