Having Your Porn and Condemning it Too: A Case Study of a “Kiddie Porn” Expose

Date: 2009-05-01

Law, Culture and the Humanities 2009; 5: 391–424

Ummni Khan
Department of Law, Carleton University

In 2005, the Toronto Police Department’s Sex Crime Unit embarked upon the unprecedented move to go public with forensic evidence related to an on-going child pornography investigation. This strategy provided the public with exceptional glimpses into the taboo arena of child pornography. In this article, I trace the media coverage of this investigation to highlight the rhetorical and aesthetic components that, I posit, are related to a pedophilic logic. My goal is to reveal the latent but omnipresent desire encoded in the media narratives to imagine children and childhood in sexualized contexts. In particular, my analysis maps the literary and photographic aspects of the coverage to highlight the “performative contradiction” of the texts; though the media articulated a one-dimensional story of outrage and condemnation, the rhetorical and pictorial aspects of the story produced meanings that undermined the purported censure of child sexualization.

Keywords: child porn; narrativity; media; police; Voyeurism; taboo

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Have your porn and consume it too

What I noticed in the 35 pages of this document was how little Allen's story seemed to be about her, even though it most certainly used her images, up until the very end.

The rescue as the anti-climax was certainly different from the usual narrative.

It was like performance or theatre. I see Judith Butler was mentioned as well.

The whole disgust side: one could see that the disgust at the media and what they were doing, and also at the police.

Manifest witness.

And the Oprah Winfrey story/version of it.

How the print media is 'different' in that it is a watchdog, rather than a participant, in crime and sex stories in particular. The Toronto coverage was particularly well looked at.

And chat rooms are not even the worst of it. I don't even like to look at pictures that mums and dads have of their children. Whether on the Internet or elsewhere. This can be anything from Princess Diana's Dad, John Spencer, to probably the more ordinary case.

LOL Judith Butler!

It was like performance or theatre. I see Judith Butler was mentioned as well.

What in blazes would Judith Butler have to do with the price of drunken shrimp in Shanghai??

Pound Pup Legacy