Anonymous letter to James Marsh

Date: 2006-10-16

Esquire Marsh:

I am writing you and everyone else I've seen associated with Masha Allen in hopes that one or all of you will respond to what follows.

If you truly care about Masha (beyond politics and media attention) and her best interest please use your influence and resources to thoroughly investigate her adopted mother Faith. A judge in Pittsburgh used her influence to help Faith adopt Masha. While Faith may not be sexually exploiting or abusing Masha, she may be exploiting Masha to satisfy her need for attention. All the publicity around Masha is feeding part of Faith's illness, which is strikingly similar to Munchhausen's Syndrome. Before Masha's recent stint of television appearances, Faith had her story in newspapers and even traveled to Pittsburgh to be featured on a local news broadcast.

Faith has been very transient and has changed her name several times. She used to go by Lynn Ginn and Kimberly Murphy (and maybe other names). Faith has an extensive psyche history and has been dismissed by at least three practices because she was untruthful and/or refused to work toward progress. She has also lost friends due to manipulation and lies.

Faith claims to have grown up in a satanic cult. She says she drank human blood; was pregnant by one of the leaders of the cult; she killed the baby as a sacrifice; and had sexual relations with one of the men in the cult. It's no coincidence the Law & Order episode that aired on 6/6/06 was based on Masha's story.

If any of what Faith says is true, should she be raising a fragile teenager who has already gone through horrific abuse? If none of these things are true, should one who makes up such stories be the caregiver for someone like Masha (or anyone for that fact)?

Masha has been twice adopted (Mancuso & Allen) by someone looking to serve their sick and twisted agendas. Take a close look into Faith's eyes: you will see a chilling darkness and an unstable mind. Please, for Masha's sake, investigate Faith and do what's right even if that means removing Masha.


Pound Pup Legacy