Letter from James Marsh to Mohammad Ahmad, MD

Date: 2006-10-11

October 11, 2006

sent via fax and mail

Mohammad Ahmad, MD
Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry
Peachford Behavioral Health System
2151 Peachford Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30338

Re: Masha Allen (a/k/a Maria Mancuso & Mariya Nikolaevna Yashenkova)

Dear Dr. Ahmad,

Despite numerous telephone messages over several weeks, you have utterly failed to return my calls regarding Masha Allen. Your negligence in this regard has placed Ms. Allen at increased risk of serious injury and death. It recently came to our attention that you also failed to contact Ms. Allen’s treatment facility from her suicide attempt in March 2006. You apparently also do not have the extensive mental health records from Ms. Allen’s treatment in Pittsburgh.

Based on extensive discussions with numerous mental health professionals, we believe that Masha Allen is at immediate and continuing high risk of serious injury to herself, including suicide. She has a unique and extensive history of sexual abuse, including sadomasochism, starvation, and forced exhibitionism (see attached victim impact statement). Ms. Allen is the subject in hundreds of child pornography images which are highly sought by pedophiles worldwide. Her image sets are among the most popular in the world and are possessed by upwards of 60% of child predators apprehended in the United States and Canada. Congressional and FBI investigations involving her are ongoing.

Most importantly, Ms. Allen recently revealed that she is being subjected to further and ongoing psychological and physical abuse by her current adoptive mother Lynn Ginn. Ms. Ginn, who is also known as Faith Allen, has a troubled past with extensive contacts with the Georgia and Pennsylvania child welfare systems. She was most recently in-patient at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility called the Peniel Center in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. All this information is publicly available from independent sources. Masha herself has had almost no mental health treatment for three years.

In closing, by completely failing to fully investigate Ms. Allen’s extensive history despite our repeated telephone calls and messages, you have placed this child at further risk of serious injury and death.

Very truly yours,

James R. Marsh

Letter to Dr Ahmad 10-11-06.pdf

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