SC Hopes New Father Registry Could Speed Adoptions

Jim Davenport Associated Press

January 3, 2010

COLUMBIA, S.C.  South Carolina starts the new year by joining nearly three dozen other states that have registries for biological fathers, which adoption advocates hope will shorten the time children spend in foster care.

Columbia adoption lawyer Paul Meding says the registry could shave a couple of months from completing adoptions.

The new law requires men who believe they may have fathered children to register with the state or they can lose the ability to have a say in whether a child is put up for adoption. The registry cannot be used to pursue child support.

It will end the practice of running an ad weekly, for three consecutive weeks, notifying an unknown father of a pending adoption and the loss of his parental rights.


legal obligations

I am afraid now that inter-country adoption is going down, domestic infant adoption is picking up steam again. Many agencies that previously only worked abroad, are now running domestic programs, and we are not talking foster-care adoption.

Running ads weekly for three weeks in this day and age of internet use, reminds me of the opening scene of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, where an announcement for the destruction of planet earth was announced somewhere in another galaxy, making it perfectly legal for the Vogons to destroy this planet for the creation of an intergallactic highway.

Law makers who came up with this notification plan know that young men in this day and age don't read news papers anymore. So indeed it will certainly speed up adoption proceedings, since no father will be informed timely under this legislation.

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