Joint Council on International Children’s Services (JCICS) - Board meeting September 7, 2005

Date: 2005-09-07

JCICS Board Meeting

September 7, 2005

Conference Call

Attendees: S. Pitkowsky, L. Wetterberg, H. Stultz, S. Wu, T. DiFilipo, R. Gibson, M. Hendy, J. Clark, R. Hackworth, D. Murphy-Schuemann, L. Vollman

Absent: R. Martin (e), K. Wallace

Call to Order & Agenda: D. Murphy-Scheumann at 3:02 PM EST

Executive Director Report: M. Hendy 

New Membership Manager

Jennifer Mellon, previously with the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI), has been hired as the new membership manager for JCICS. She will begin her new position on September 28th. The CCAI board was notified yesterday and they are excited that she will still be working in a collaborative position. Jennifer has a strong passion for international adoption and is excited to focus her efforts in that area as CCAI is focusing more on domestic adoption.

Board Consultant Fee

It will be $5,000 for Paul to come to next month’s board meeting for a day and a half. This is a discounted rate that includes documentation that will be distributed. Meghan recommended that money be shifted from the legal line item in the budget to cover this expense. Discussion took place about the amount budgeted for legal fees being related to a recommendation regarding bylaw changes. Meghan also shared that there may be a net income of $8,000 or more at the end of the year that could go towards legal fees should any be incurred.

MOTION: To approve the shift of money from the legal line item of the budget to cover the cost of the board consultant next month.

R. Gibson MOVED/ L. Wetterberg SECONDED PASSED Unanimously

2007 Conference Update

The Hyatt hotel in downtown Indianapolis has been approved as the site for the 2007 conference.

2006 Conference Update

The keynote speaker for the upcoming conference will be Dr. Joseph Crumbley.

RFP’s for the medical institute and the conference will go out this week.

Financial Report: L. Vollman & J. Clark

Linda moved $100,000 from the main account into a 9 month flexible CD at the Bank of America. Nine additional members joined under the ½ year ½ price offer, which brought in additional revenue of approximately $5,000. This brings membership dues close to $200,000 for the year.

Secretary’s Report: H. Stultz

Action items were reviewed.

MOTION: To pass the August 9, 2005 minutes.

S. Pitkowsky MOVED/ R. Gibson SECONDED PASSED Unanimously

Hurricane Katrina – Impact on JCICS Members: M. Hendy

Meghan emailed members in the states impacted by Hurricane Katrina and sent their updates to the board via email. Discussion took place about whether or not JCICS wanted to consider developing a Disaster Relief Plan of which a sample was also emailed to the board. The general consensus was that we will assist members on a case by case basis in times of crisis.

Russia Roundtable & Upcoming Reception: M. Hendy

The Russia Roundtable discussion was very productive. Thanks to Lynn, Rick and Tom for their help in facilitating the meeting. There was a consensus to begin working on a resource manual and post-placement guidelines for JCICS members.

A Russia delegation will be coming through the DOS visitors program that is coordinated by Meridian House. A few of them will be guests at the JCICS Angels table and JCICS will also be hosting a reception on the 15th from 4:30-6:30 on Capitol Hill, exact location TBD. It will be open to JCICS members as well as adoptive families in the area.

Fundraising Firms Update: M. Hendy, R. Gibson & T. DiFilipo

Meghan emailed a recommendation to the board to select the Unlimited Group to outsource our fundraising efforts. Rick shared that the board made a wise decision to review proposals from additional firms as there were significant style and financial differences between each firm. One of the advantages of using Unlimited is that JCICS can work with them in three month intervals.

MOTION: To pass the fundraising proposal as written by Meghan.

T. DiFilipo MOVED/ R. Gibson SECONDED PASSED Unanimously

(Fundraising Proposal: To hire Unlimited as JCICS’ fundraising consultant at $3,500 a month beginning in October. The expectation will be that we will work together for 6 months to 12 months, however the contract will only be a 90 day period, with a review and option to continue for another 90 day period.)

IAC Symposium: M. Hendy

Lynda Smith, Executive Director of IAC contacted Meghan to see if JCICS was interested in being a high level or low level sponsor for their symposium or their dinner. Meghan declined. The three-day event will be held in the Boston area in early November and is open to the public. The general registration fee is $750 and Meghan will attend on behalf of JCICS.

Ethics Committee Update & Standards Revision: R. Hackworth & R. Gibson

The Ethics Sub Committees have reached their final drafts with the exception of one group who will be meeting on the 15th. Jared Rolsky will be collecting all of the revisions from each group and distributing them to everyone for review. Members will be given additional time for response and hopefully minor edits. Rebecca suggested that at the next full-membership vote, each section of the standards be voted on.

Miscellaneous Updates: BOD

Deb will be testifying at the Helsinki Commission hearing next Wednesday. Her testimony will be emailed to the Romania caucus.

There will not be a board call in October due to the in-person board meeting.

MOTION: To adjourn the meeting at 3:54 PM EST.

R. Hackworth MOVED/ S. Wu SECONDED PASSED Unanimously

Respectfully Submitted,

Heather Stultz, Secry

Action Items:

  1. BOD – discuss timing of bylaw changes at the October board meeting.

  2. Staff – distribute 2006 medical institute and conference RFP’s this week.

  3. D. Murphy-Scheumann – email Helsinki testimony to the Romania caucus.

Open Action Items from August 9, 2005 Minutes:

  1. M. Hendy & S. Pitkowsky – discuss proposal for NACAC international adoption track with the Education Committee.

  2. Staff – distribute new Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Statements to the Caucus Chairs.

Open Action Items from June 17, 2005 Minutes:

  1. M. Hendy – formalize MOU with ISG using “exclusive” language by August 1.

  2. M. Hendy – finish drafting and submit JCICS commentary on the Berger law.

Open Action Items from June 16, 2005 Minutes:

  1. D. Murphy-Scheumann & L. Vollman – investigate alternative auditors, distribute RFPs and report back to the board.

  2. M. Hendy & L. Wetterberg – finish drafting a records retention policy.

  3. L. Wetterberg – draft a whistleblower policy to incorporate into the Policy & Procedures manual.

  4. R. Martin, S. Pitkowsky, H. Stultz, L. Vollman – develop new JCICS fee structure to submit for a vote at the October board meeting.


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