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my heart goes out to the kids who gave their child away like that on the MTV show...  I have no idea why she is on the Teen Mom show because in a lot of ways she is not a mom now...  it just once again goes to show how messed up the system is... 

I honestly feels so bad about the entire thing; because as I have said before Bethany Christian Services is the best adoption agency around here.  There are so many more out to get money off of parents and sell babies; or a newer problem where they run treatment foster care programs and don't really want to place any child but have found a new way to make money....

Bethany was the best here.  And you could tell all the lies that were told to those 2 young kids.  Wonder why the system didn't help them keep their child (she just didn't want her child abused like she had been :( ) 





Bethany Christian Services: best of a bad lot?

"Sometimes there are no choices except inelegant solutions": some teaching/administration man in Torey Hayden's Beautiful Child.

I'm sure you already know from your own life that the system is not necessarily there to help, nor can it do so in every case.

We don't have Teen Mum shows very much, though they appear in magazines.

Bethany is probably 'least worst' out of the lot of them (assuming that there is more than one Christian adoption agency).

Bethany - just like the rest.

Picking the "least bad" of agencies which profit from adoption is like choosing the least offensive serial rapist.

Plenty of first mothers will disagree with your assessment of Bethany Christian Services, like cheerios-world.blogspot.com In my state of Michigan, Bethany is the major obstacle to OBC access for adult adoptees. They are the nation's largest financial supporter of the NCFA, which believes the perceived objection of a minute percentage of first mothers trumps all adult adoptees' rights to their own birth certificates.

The term "Christian" is merely a marketing ploy, as it is with all private agencies using that appellation. Bethany is no more or less Christian than Ford Motor Corporation, but believes the term conjures up the images of loving, god-fearing, stable, two-parent households so desirable to mothers considering relinquishment. And what "Christian" agency would lie about things like the "guaranteed" contact in open adoption?

Profit breeds contemptible behavior in adoption regardless of alleged religious affinity, something Bethany is no stranger to. If you're seeking a scrupulous adoption agency, keep looking. Bethany ain't it.

jimm after seeing the MTV thing I agree with you

apparently all adoption agencies suck...  they in the MTV show just wanted a baby to sell.  So sad.

For fun really and because I was interested in 2002 I went to every local adoption agency for their intro meeting (well all the ones that didn't charge for the meeting... 2 agencies locally charge parents $50 for the intro meeting)

Most refused to work with people trying to adopt from USA public foster care (did you all know that?  one of the reasons it is actually kind of hard to adopt from foster care in the USA because unless you want to be a foster parent it is actually hard to adopt, in some areas (each state and sometimes counties have their own things going on))

There were 7 local agencies at the time plus the 2 charging the fee to do the homestudy, plus local social services

Most wanted several hundred dollars to start the homestudy process, most were saying prices like $30,000 to adopt a child in the USA, homestudy alone was about $7,000

Bethany was the only one doing lower cost homestudies, if both parents were Christians the adopt total cost would be less than $3,000

I had gotten a homestudy from Bethany in 2000 and it cost be $2,000 only...  they let me have a copy, did not charge me a search fee, etc... 

In 2002 UMFS did the homestudy under what was supposed to be free from the state grant for foster care adoptions....  at the end of the process an almost 10 month process of crap (15 families started with us, only 2 single people finished) we were charged $4,000 for the homestudy process ... then after paying the $4,000 they only wanted to place kids that were already in their treatment foster care program...  so they could make money from that as well... neither one of us ended up adopting from UMFS.... 

Bethany in 2002 would not work with me because I was a single mom and they were busy with other cases....

The others were just about money, money, money.... 

so jimm what I am saying is now I think they all.... all adoption agencies suck

Picking and choosing

I had to giggle at the following comparison:

Picking the "least bad" of agencies which profit from adoption is like choosing the least offensive serial rapist.

Each October, PPL readers are given an opportunity to vote.  Who, among a chosen group, is the worst of the worst within the adoption industry?

The choices this past year were many, and the reading was difficult.

In Novemeber, it became official:   Bethany Christian Services deserves to receive the 2009 Demons of Adoption Award.

I find real comfort knowing not every one sees Bethany as Bethany wants to be seen.

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