how a parent becomes part of the RAD cult

recently I've been pissed off about a story of adoption disruption out of Oklahoma for a number of reasons I really won't go into

but mostly I am just sick of how messed up the government is;

Odds are when a family is having trouble with a child in their home in the USA they will be told to go to RAD cult therapy; known by other things; but the RAD cult therapy kind of sums up our life experience with the crap (being held down on air mats for hours to cry about what ever sick reason we had for wanting to adopt a child anyway)

of course this did not improve the child's behavior any and cost me a lot of things

but today I run across one of the groups that sent us there; government funded groups

here on some links to current groups run by or funded by the government which help keep RAD cult therapy going in our state; even though we as a state have had a high rate of RAD cult deaths up near Washington, D.C. in the Fairfax area...

so when you blame the parents or the nut lady on TV trying to get ride of her son; thank the public social services social worker for the entire mess and the government funded groups they help create


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