Police hunt parents of trafficked babies

By Li Xinran/Shanghai Daily
December 12, 2009

FAMILIES of 11 babies rescued by police from a suspected trafficking ring had failed to report their disappearance to authorities, police in northern Shaanxi Province said today.

Most were baby girls or second children who might be regarded as a burden by their parents, said police in the provincial capital Xi'an.

A task force caught 21 major suspects during a month-long operation, rescuing nine baby girls and two boys.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Public Security has set up a Webpage at www.mps.gov.cn. The page contains information on 60 babies who were kidnapped, including their pictures, approximate ages, time of abduction, present location and contact details.
At least three of the listed babies have been reunited with their parents.

Authorities urged parents of missing children to get blood tests at their local public security bureau in hope of reuniting more families.


Sometimes it takes a whole village...........

In many small remote villages throughout China, their main source of income is adopting out 3-5 children per year. The fees help to feed, cloth, etc., the whole village. They don't look at this as a crime but a means to survive, like hunting, fishing or selling your goods at the market place.

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