Adoption Employee Allowed to Leave

"allowed to leave"

Allowed to leave... what does this mean?

Allowed to leave responsibility... allowed to leave accountability?

Why are so many associated with corrupt adoption practices allowed to leave?


Samoan "fish tanks" that held the fake orphan fish

Yes, you see my dear Kerry,
Karen Banks and her co-fishing mate was incarcerated in Western Samoa.
They were fishing in a fishing hole full of non-orphans that had real parents.
So the "nanny house" was rented and it was trashed.
Trashed by the little 'fishes" and by the "piglets" that shared the "nanny house bathtub". They did not want to repair the roof and fix the damage inside the "fish tank" where the fake orphan fishy were, prior to being moved to a bigger tank, with indoor plumbing and a pump in the states.

So Karen and Colleen Bartlett were trying to ditch dodge. See, the "pretend, we have orphans to sell" business in the "fishing hole" was drying up due to a death of a small "minnow".

So the Banks, wanted to move out of Samoa as fast as they forced to move out of the Marshall Islands.

Some one save the butts of these two, fisher women when they were detained by Samoan Authorities for trashing a peice of Samoan property that did not belong to them.

Pound Pup Legacy