Sentencing date set in Lexie case

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Date: 2009-12-11

By Amanda Stewart

A sentencing date was set Friday for a woman convicted of killing her 13-year-old adopted daughter.

Alfreedia Leona Gregg-Glover, 45, pleaded in July to felony murder, child abuse and filing a false police report for the January death of Alexis “Lexie” Glover.

Gregg-Glover was set to be sentenced in October, but a judge delayed the sentencing after defense attorney John Notarriani raised questions about Gregg-Glover’s mental health.

The judge then ordered that Gregg-Glover undergo a mental health evaluation to determine if she should be sent to a mental hospital for treatment or could be sentenced to prison.

The results of that evaluation were in Friday and Prince William Circuit Court Judge Craig Johnston ruled that Gregg-Glover will be sentenced at a hearing in Feb. 12.

The court-appointed psychiatrist found that Gregg-Glover “does have some mental health issues” but has “none that would require treatment in a mental hospital rather than jail or prison,” Johnston said in court Friday.

“It does not appear to me ... that she is mentally ill and requires treatment,” Johnston said.

Notarriani requested the mental health evaluation after Gregg-Glover asked him to not present any evidence or argument on her behalf at her sentencing hearing.

A jail therapist also expressed concerns about Gregg-Glover’s mental health at a November court hearing. The therapist said Gregg-Glover regularly refused to talk to jail mental health staff.

Gregg-Glover reported Lexie missing from Central Community Library in Manassas on Jan. 7, sparking a massive search for the girl.

A jogger found Lexie’s body in a shallow creek in Woodbridge days later.

Police said Gregg-Glover placed the girl’s body in the creek before reporting her missing.

The medical examiner said Lexie died of drowning and exposure to cold.

Gregg-Glover faces a maximum sentence of 51 years in prison.


mentally ill

What would it have meant for the screening process of adopters if indeed Alfreedia Leona Gregg-Glover would have been considered mentally ill? In any case another failure to prevent abuse of an adoptee.

another RAD cult death

and this was very much another RAD cult related death... I think the RAD cults actually helps cause mental illness in adoptive parents....

the system is very messed up; Gregg-Glover is also a product of DSS saying the kids are unwanted damaged goods that they have to pay people to raise... she of not adopted if the child didn't come with a pay check

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