Mom accused of abusing 11 adopted kids

By: Kristen Cosby/
November 30, 2009

PONTE VEDRA, Fla.-- A Ponte Vedra woman whose adoption agency was shut down twice is now accused of abusing her own 11 adopted kids.

Tedi Hedstrom and her ex- husband have 14 children. They have three grown biological children and 11 adopted kids who still live at home. They adopted their kids from America, China, India and Guatemala.

Hedstrom's husband, Donald, divorced her this month after a 29-year marriage. He got sole custody of the children.

Action News obtained the restraining order Donald Hedstrom filed against her prior to their divorce.

Donald Hedstrom claims in the order Tedi Hedstrom hit their 17 year-old daughter off her crutches. He said she called her kids "orphans" and things "too mean to say". He also said she hit and pushed him.

The St. Johns County Sheriff's Office has a report Hedstrom violated the restraining order by calling her kids from the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club.

Hedstrom ran two adoption agencies out of her Ponte Vedra home- one under a Florida license and later one under a Georgia license. The state shut both down.

The Department of Children and Families told Action News parents complained it took years to get a child and when they finally got one they had many diseases.

Hedstrom's husband later dropped the restraining order, claiming the issue was worked out in family court.

Divorce papers show Hedstrom can see her kids again if she changes her behavior.

Documents show she was Baker Acted earlier this year after taking a large amount of pills.

Tedi Hedstrom's attorney never returned our calls for comment. Her husband's attorney had no comment.


More than 14 kids

The Hedstrom's have more than 14 kids. At one point the number was at 20 or 21 with the last adoption in December of last year. I would like to see the social worker who approved them to adopt exposed.

This didn't happen in a vacuum.

Approving adoptions

I was thinking similar thoughts, only my thoughts extended to Hedstrom's role in other adoptions.  I imagine a very good selling point to PAP's going to an adoption agency is saying something like, "I really know what I'm doing -- look, I was approved 14 times!", suggesting some sort of skill and ability.

It's just interesting to note although child trafficking has been linked-back to Hedstrom, [See examples one, two and three] her adoption agency business (which went under the names of , Tedi Bear Adoptions, which later got re-named to Adoption Blessings), was shut-down because too many complaints were made.  Too many PAP's paid tens of thousands of dollars, but got no child, as promised.

It bothers me very much knowing an adoption agency will lose it's license because it doesn't deliver to a paying customer, but business can go on as usual, even if children are stolen and/or placed in homes where one or both paying clients are not all that great with kids that have many different needs.  Seems the only real skill a successful person in profit-making Adoptionland needs is two-fold -- know how to do a quick name change, and how not to get caught by intolerant authorities.

People forget, in all types

People forget, in all types of business, even the adoption business, mediocrity pays. It pays big.

Tedi back in the news!!

"PONTE VEDRA, Fla.-- A Ponte Vedra woman whose adoption agency was shut down twice is now accused of abusing her own 11 adopted kids."

Surprise, Surprise!
At least Ms. Hedstrom will NEVER open another agency again.

So easy to judge

I am amazed at comments that are posted here. You people do not know this lady, and you do not know what she has gone through to make sure this kids have homes. Whoever posted this should be ashamed, and if you going to talk, post the document would love to see it, but i know it is not true. She loves her children each and everyone. She lost her biological son who was going to be a dr this year and yet she takes care of chidren that are not ever her own. Unlike another family i know who adopted 6 children from Russia and then threw them out like dogs, and Tedi took those children in with no questions asked and still raising them. So if anyone wants to point fingers and judge someone maybe you should find the people who adopt and feel like that is not what they wanted even though they knew it would take years to get the child home and over time children develop issues, what did you expect. you didn't sign up to adopt the non sickness or sickness, you signed up to adopt a child and everything that comes with it. If you feel different then maybe you shouldn't even think about adopting children. No one said adopting will be easy, it takes time, love, care and constant supervision, sometimes even therapy... This article makes me sick that you people judge so easy. Everyone of her children loves her, and everyone of them are godly raised children with lots and lots of love!

Expensive living in the Valley

All I know is that Ponte Vedra/Palm Valley is a very expensive place to raise kids........ looking at her record of opening and closing adoption agencies is certainly a red flag. I knew her husband years ago and he was an honorable upright Godly man. To say that he erroneously filed a restraining order and made false claims of her drug abuse and physical and verbal attacks on the children is very hard to believe. She is a member of the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club.... exclusive and expensive. Why would she have to open an adoption agency in Georgia when she has lived and worked in Ponte Vedra for decades? Suspect to say the least. I personally would go through a more reputable agency where the owners action are obviously virtuous.......

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