WKYT-TV - 27 Newsfirst - Lexington, KY

Date: 2009-11-12

TRANSCRIPT: tamara evans is live in clark county.. with our top story at six. it wasnt easy for jessilyn robinson to hear what the judge had to say to her. in fact, several times today he had to stop to give her a second to stop crying.... as he sentenced her to ten years for second degree manslaughter. :00:10 :52:57 vo jessilyn robinson entered the courtrom..remaining very quiet and calm. waiting to receive her sentence for 2nd degree nslaughter...for the death of her fouryearold adopted daughter, faith. but as she was called before judge lliam clouse... sot nat pop name being called vo she became very emotional...her attorney telling the judge she regrets what happened. sot attorney i have neve had a conversation with her where she didnt cry. shes one of the most remourseful people ive ever represented. vo but as her attorney asked the judge to consider probation... saying robinson is losing more and more weight in jail.... sot 75 pounds vo he had some things of his own to say to her. sot hard for the court to allow probation. sot this is a very serious charge..youve been given all the breaks you deserve with the commonwealths ammended charge... vo then waiting for to quit crying...so he could offer advice. sot its not the end of your life. my advice,take this day forward and start preparing yourself for that. as you heard... some tough words to hear for jessilyn robinson as she then left the courtroom. we did attempt to speak with her family afterward. but they did not want to speak on camera. in clark county... tamara evans... wkyt 27 newsfirst. jessilyn robinson also declined to comment today from jail...on the sentencing.


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