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Adoption Associates, Inc.
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Adoption by Shepherd Care
International Adoption

A number of carefully selected programs are available for both married couples and single female applicants through Adoption Associates International.

AAI's experienced staff will assist you with adoption issues, cultural differences and preparation of the dossier of documents required for the source country and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). They also provide the risk counseling required by USCIS on a regular basis. They work only with reputable international contacts and communicate regularly with the source country adoption facilitators in order to monitor and expedite the adoption process for our clients.

Since the prospect of international travel and dealing with foreign cultures and governments often evokes anxiety and questions, you are invited to meet with a consultant for a free consultation before committing to AAI or their programs. They will answer your questions, give you information about the different countries, their policies and procedures, and help you select a program that is right for you.

AAI's in-house travel agency, Travel Intrigue, is also available to assist you in making travel arrangements you can trust. They will work with you and your consultant to coordinate your itinerary to and from the United States and within the source country.

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