Spence-Chapin Services to Families and Children faciltates Adoptions Together

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Adoptions Together

Adoptions Together is pleased to be a network agency with Spence-Chapin. Our agency provides the home study, post placement services and assistance with the adoption process for the placement of a child from Korea. Spence-Chapin is a nonprofit agency in New York City that has worked with Korea’s Social Welfare Society (SWS) since 1975. The placement of the child will be done through Spence-Chapin. This program is only available to families residing in Maryland, Virginia or the District of Columbia.

Children available for adoption in Korea are basically healthy infants of at least 5 months in age. The children may have minor medical concerns such as mild pre-maturity or complications at the time of birth. Babies are on average between 8 to 12 months of age at the time of arrival in the U.S. Most of the babies come from a background in which there has been cigarette smoking and/or weekend social drinking (alcohol) during the pregnancy. Babies with special medical needs are also available. Adoptive couples must be open to accepting a child of either gender. The great majority of children placed are boys.

The children are cared for in a small nursery during their first weeks of life, and then live with loving foster families. The children are given routine medical examinations. Reliable medical information is available to prospective adoptive parents.


November 15, 2009

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