Angelina Jolie set to adopt an Arab child

Actress looks to increase brood with Syrian girl

DUBAI (Al Arabiya)

After making it on America's infamous "axis of evil," Syria will now become synonymous with Angelina Jolie's brood as the U.S. actress looks set to adopt a child from the Arab nation despite her partner Brad Pitt's objections.

The Oscar-winning actress, who was recently on a trip with Pitt to the Arab nation to visit Iraqi refugees, has reportedly started the process to bring home a baby girl from the Arab country, OK! Magazine reported Wednesday.

Pitt, who already has three adopted children, as well as three biological ones, with Jolie, is said to have rejected the idea because he is uneasy about fathering a seventh child, but it seems Jolie is insisting.

A spokesman for the Immigration and Naturalization Service in Washington D.C. confirmed that “only Angelina's name was on the adoption papers.”

Maybe Jolie is insisting because she seemed to have fallen in love with the Syrian people on her trip to the historical country.

"It is clear that the Syrian people, no matter the challenges or difficulties they may face, have always shown generous hospitality to people in need," local news agency ChamPress quoted Jolie as saying during her October trip to Jaramana, near Damascus.

"I hope that the rest of the world recognizes that we all have to share this burden and continue to take care of Iraqi refugees," Jolie said.

The Hollywood couple reportedly met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his wife Asma al-Assad while in Syria.

Jolie, who is also a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, has also adopted a son from Cambodia, a girl from Ethiopia and another boy from Vietnam.


so odd; because according

so odd; because according the the usa travel site that the gov runs about adoption.... you can't adopt from arab nations because adoption as it is for USA does not happen there... a few children have been gotten out of Iraq for humanitarian reason.... but very few, usually with disabilities, etc...

it just goes to show the rich can buy a child anywhere...

are they married? weren't they the ones who aren't married and didn't she adopt all her other children as a single parent on paper?

The Total Adoptions from IRAQ from 1998 to 2008 is: 2 and that was in 2000...

Children adopted from Arabic, or middle eastern countries

Iraq does have a Christian population and many children have been left orphans, however they must follow the Moslem laws of the country which forbids adoption. The few cases that have gone through, one was an American Soldier that knew the Iraqi boy. The boy was severly handicapped and had no home any more in Iraq, so the soldier a strong Evangelical Zealot pushed through the ranks to adopt the boy.
There are cases of children being sold in trafficking throughout the middle east and there is a ring smuggling children out of Iraq under this sex ring.
Anything can be done for a price $$$$, anything can be had for a price $$, Jolie has the money and means to get whatever she wants.
Last I heard she was looking in Syria, which has some strong French ties. Jolies mother's family has French ties. It doesn't matter if she is single, leaving with the father of her bio kids, has admittedly taken drugs, lived with her lesbian lover, has had mental health issues......she will get what she wants.
This is a dirty slap in the face to those of us who have struggled to adopt and wait years, with disappointments, lies and dealing with adoption agencies that are less than ethical.
Examine Jolies adoptions:
Adoption 1- boy from Cambodia, used Seattle International Adoption agency-the Galindo Sisters. Shortly after the boy "Maddox" arrives in teh USA. Lauren Galindo is arrested for Visa fraud, Seattle International Adoption Agency is CLOSED DOWN. Cambodia is closed to international adoption.

Adoption 2- daughter from Ethiopia, Jolie announces the arrival of beautiful Sahara who is an orphan as her mother died of AIDS. 1.6 years later the birth mother is uncovered and says "why is Jolie telling people I am dead?" Sahara is the product of a gang rape by waring militia. Grandmother is poor cannot afford the grandchild, relinquishes the baby to "facilitator". American Adoption agency announces that they are no longer using that "facilitator" as they were lied to. Currently, Ethiopia is being investigated for child traffficking too many babies and children exported out of such a small country, many orphanes closed down.

Adoption 3- Boy from Vietnam, 6 months after child arrives in the USA. Vietnam issues 20 NOIDS to adoptive families waiting for exit Visas in Vietnam. Seems there is conflicting stories of babies "abandonments".
Vietnam is CLOSED to international Adoption and remains CLOSED AS OF November 2009.

Does anyone want to argue that Jolie's adoptions are above the board?
There are laws and rules for those with money and fame vs. those without.

Refugees are in desperate times

When you are thrown out of your country, leaving in a country that you cannot earn a living or feed your family you will do anything.
Apparently selling your baby is one...haven't we learn this in Guatemala, Nepal, China, India, ...the list goes on and on.

American Soldier adopts Iraqi boy

She's baaaaack!

Mother Mary in a motorboat!  When does the celebrity madness end?

I'm thinking AJ's crusade is more about extending the shelf life of her far-too extended fifteen minutes of fame than anything else.  It's not enough each one of her adoptions comes from questionable regions... regions that are well-known for perverse acts of corruption.  [See:  Cambodia, Ethiopia, and Vietnam ] Now she has to follow Mother Madonna's footsteps and adopt as a non-married mother to many -- showing the world, "it can be done!".  Really, my American fame-seeking folks from broken families, when is enough, enough?  There is no "best in a mother-role" offered by the academy.  Not yet, at least.  (If there were, just for kicks, I'd like to suggest we bring Mia Farrow back from the adoption-shadows, just to show/illustrate how the role of "supporting mother" really develops over time.)

All this family-building/child-buying through adoption proves one thing -- temporary fame and perceived public opinion can really get to one's head and make a royal mess of things.

Cheryl Crow and Sharon Stone

At least these 2 single celebrities adopted domestically. Bravo to them.

domestic adoption

As much as I see the many wrong doing in inter-country adoption, I see a lot going wrong in domestic adoption too. When it involves infants, some of the same coercive tactics used in foreign countries are used in the US. Adoption from foster care, by many seen as something good, has many monetary incentives that are not in the best interest of children. While I certainly agree it makes very little sense to import children from other countries when there are many children in the US in need of much better care, I wouldn't say that domestic adoption is therefore necessarily a good thing.

Domestic adoption

Domestic adoption, or fost to adopt is usually about a 5 step process and the bio parent has legally been severed as the guardian/parent because of many issues. Trust me they are given many chances to reunite and many don't have the tools, mental strength (they suffer from depression and addictions or bad relationships) drugs, economics, etc. to keep the child(ren) many are in rehab but admittedly realize that raising children is not something they are suited for.

In these cases, I strongly agree that the bio parent has been given more than enough opportunity to change and reunite with their child(ren).

Celebrity Gallery of Adopted kids

There are others that have adopted domestically: Nicole Kidman/Tom Cruise, Michelle Pfieffer, Calista Lockhart, Rose O'Donnell.
Check out the gallery.

celebrity adoptions and corruption

"In many countries, celebrity status probably has little effect on adoption matters, but in a country where adoption is "essentially illegal," the perverse effect is that anything pretty much goes—if you've got the required currency. Cash, glamour, celebrity, or all of the above clearly come into play.

In countries that are large players in international adoption, like China, Korea, and Kazahkstan, hard and fast rules apply, designed to protect both the child and the adoptive parent. Placing children through an elaborate system is meant to prevent corruption, kidnapping, and blackmail, and although there have been notorious failures, in general it works. In countries where adoption is handled privately, there's far more room for almost any kind of trouble you can imagine, but if you can get past the initial barriers to entry, there are advantages—if you're Angelina. Most countries place some limit on the number of children in a family. None would allow only one parent in a married couple [correction: or partnership] to adopt a child, as the Daily Mail reports is happening here, and all also require substantial investigation into whether a family is ready in various ways to adopt—although it's hard to imagine a social worker refusing to endorse Jolie."

<hmmm....> Celebrity + Home Study = ?

 it's hard to imagine a social worker refusing to endorse Jolie

While some may insist it's impossible to believe sexually abusive adults (with cash) can and do pass a home study, it's even more difficult to imagine a celebrity failing the pre-screening process, isn't it?  

good will

Does Jolie's role as UN good-will ambassador mean she gets pick of the litter?

"With her partner, the actor Brad Pitt, Ms. Jolie was welcomed into the Damascus homes of several Iraqi families, and heard harrowing tales of their suffering back in Iraq and their struggles to escape from their homeland with their lives. Many of the refugees exhausted their savings a long time ago and now depend on humanitarian agencies such as UNHCR, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or the Syrian Government for basics such as bedding and food. Ms. Jolie said that “until other solutions are found, or these refugees are able to go home, it is essential that the international community help UNHCR to provide financial and food support so that they can survive.”

Help how? By selling children through orphanages and adoption agencies? Silly me, I thought the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) was trying to put lives together, not rip them apart. I guess Jolie's previous experience with home-wrecking is finally paying off.  Go team celebrity!  Yahooo!

Please pass the home study along with the peas

It doesn't matter if she is single, leaving with the father of her bio kids, has admittedly taken drugs, lived with her lesbian lover, has had mental health issues......she will get what she wants.
This is a dirty slap in the face to those of us who have struggled to adopt and wait years, with disappointments, lies and dealing with adoption agencies that are less than ethical.

This comment says it ALL. Who in the hell was her social worker and how in the heck is she passing a homestudy??????????????????????????

While the rest of us non-celbs jump hoops and play the "waiting game" and endure the lies of adoption agency owners.

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