Fleas biting: A Blog worth reading


"You just need to be a flea against injustice. Enough committed fleas biting strategically can make even the biggest dog uncomfortable and transform even the biggest nation.” -Marian Wright Edelman

In 1998 we adopted a sibling group of two older girls from India.

Within six weeks of their arrival, our new daughters, who were emotionally traumatized almost beyond belief, told us they had been stolen from their birthfamily.

For six long and difficult years, our agency refused to investigate our daughters allegations.

Finally, with the help of an Indian activist for the poor and without any help from the agency, we found our daughters' birthfamily and confirmed their awful story.

Despite all this there has yet to be SO MUCH AS AN APOLOGY and certainly NO JUSTICE in this case. Not for our daughters. Not for our daughters' first parents. Not for ourselves.

It seems that NO ONE CARES about this crime.

Our US agency--which has not disputed the facts of the case--says that it bears no legal responsibility even if, like we say, they helped place stolen children in our home.

Our pleas to both the Indian and US governments have fallen on deaf ears, and therefore, we assume, uncaring ears. The state office which licenses our agency has a phone machine for complaints, and apparently they do not return phone calls--at least ours was never returned.

Meanwhile, the Indian orphanage director has been jailed three times on child trafficking related charges. He is currently trying to be relicensed yet again.

We have been left to ask the questions:

1) How could this have happened? Are there systemic reasons why it happened?

2) Why is it that no one cares about this kind of crime?

This blog represents some of the answers that we have found to these questions. It also is shares the ongoing answers as we continue to learn.

Flea bites are simply individual incidents of exposing the reality of international adoption practices--one example, one practice, one analysis, one real-life experience, one proposed remedy, and one "big picture" at a time.

If our insignificant flea bites can save other families the extreme pain that our daughters, our daughters' first family, and our own family have endured, these flea bites will not be in vain. 


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