HC rejects plea to probe adoption agency


The Bombay high court on Wednesday rejected a 66-year-old Satara resident's plea seeking a criminal probe against a Pune-based adoption

agency which had given her two granddaughters up for adoption to a Spanish couple five years ago. Observing that Kisabai Lokhande had not challenged the adoption, a division bench of Justice Bilal Nazki and Justice A R Joshi said that there was no ground for registering a criminal offence.

Kisabai had claimed that her granddaughters, aged 10 and five then, had gone "missing'' from a remand home in 2004. She claimed to have later learnt that the girls had been adopted by a Spanish couple. Kisabai urged the court to order criminal prosecution of the agency for "cheating and kidnapping''.

The agency informed the court that Kisabai had herself brought the girls to the authorities as she was unable to provide for them. The Child Welfare Committee (CWC) and the Central Adoption Resource Centre (CARA) said all adoptions rules were followed.

CARA alleged that the woman had approached the court five years after the adoption with an "ulterior motive''. The high court, while rejecting the petition, said that Kisabai was free to challenge the adoption.

Why imagine that!

A high court does NOT want to deeply and thoroughly investigate an adoption agency.

WOW... that sure makes big news in my getting-bigger-by-the-minute book.

Amazing how so many different countries, with all sorts of different policies and laws, treat adoption agencies pretty much the same, ain't it?

Meanwhile... what court has given an internationally adopted child back to a family member that decides years later, that adoption needs to be challenged?

Corruption under The Hague

The Pune based adoption agency mentioned in the article is of course Preet Mandir. The fact the Central Adoption Resource Agency (CARA) backs the orphanage/adoption agency, is telling of the level of corruption in the Indian adoption system.

The Hague convention was initially created to curb child trafficking in the context of inter-country adoption. Setting up central authorities was thought to be a proper means to put an end to illegal adoption practices. The corruption with CARA, India's central authority and the China Center of Adoption Affairs(CCAA), China's central authority, prove the Hague convention is morally bankrupt and has become nothing more than an trade agreement between sending and receiving countries. The Hague convention streamlines the procedure, making adoptions in effect easier, while it does nothing to prevent illegal adoption practices. I would even go so far as to say The Hague convention has created a bigger umbrella under which corruption is easier to hide.

Hague Regulations

The Hague gives the seal of approval to agencies for official "corruption".

Currently if a country signs the Hague, they can no longer allow independent adoptions straight from their central authority. We are stuck we have to use a Hague accrediated agency.

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