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Micky Duxbury is the author of the recently released  book entitled: MAKING ROOM IN OUR HEARTS: Keeping Family Ties Through Open Adoption. 

The book presents the stories of families throughout the United States who share the joys and challenges of maintaining relationships between birth and adoptive parents.  Duxbury interviewed over one hundred and fifty birth and adoptive parents, extended family members, adopted children, and national experts. Listening to the families and their children does what no other book has done: describes how important open adoption is from the child’s perspective. As one 19 year old put it: "I have known my birth mother as long as I can remember and I can't imagine it any other way. I would be a completely different person if I had grown up without knowing who I was and where I came from. Open adoption has allowed me to be the person I was intended to be - with a connection to the people who made me what I am.” 

Join Micky Duxbury for a workshop/dialogue on  Openness in Adoption 

on July 18th at the Morristown Public Library (South St.(124) and Miller Rd.) 

from 7-8:45 PM.    (light refreshments will be served :-)     No charge

Sponsored by: Morristown Post-Adoption Support Group

“Every once in a while, a book comes along that can make an honest difference in the understanding of an important subject—and, therefore, in people's lives. I'm delighted to say that that Making Room in Our Hearts is one of those books. " Adam Pertman, author of Adoption Nation, Executive Director, Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute

"Open adoption is not a trend - it is the wave of the future. Making Room In Our Hearts helps us prepare for that future by providing an ethical and child-centered perspective as it puts a human face on open adoption. You will meet real people revealing, as well as struggling, with the ups and downs of these complex relationships. This book fills an important need by providing adoption professionals, birth and adoptive families and their extended familial networks with a wealth of practical and personal information." Brenda Romanchik, MSW.  Birth Parent advocate and Director of Insight:Open Adoption Resources and Support.


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