Three professionals' insights on the downsides of adoptions.


Hoping that the blogspot below helps anyone who wants it, adoptees (or ivf-sufferers) - we don't think that any adults would go anywhere near these practises if they knew the degrees of misery that they both currently bring. 





There are many down-sides to adoption -- especially as the practice itself exists.  Unfortunately, this is a truth very few are willing to admit, publicly.

  Every so often I see


Every so often I see Bastard Nation in the news and the numereous blogs. Hopefully, more and more the truth will be public soon.

beyond OBC's

As much as I appreciate the work of Bastard Nation and other groups all over the US, there are still issues I find more grave than the access to orginal birth cerificates.

Especially within the adoptee community, I have a sense there is an overemphasis on the closed record issue, which blinds too many adoptees to look into the many other issues that play in child placement.

As much as I understand the need to know ones history and background, I feel the insistence of some of the organizations (read National Council for Adoption) to keep records closed, helps them tremendously in keeping adoptees frustrated over that one issue, without looking at the other horrors that are happening.

For every article about child trafficking, I read five posts about OBC's. For every case of abuse in adoptive families, I can count 10 posts about OBC's. For every case where adoptions are disrupted because AP's can't handle the situation, or want to be relieved of the burden, I know of 20 posts about OBC's.

To me it's sad so many adoptees don't want to look beyond their own personal misery or discomfort and help address what is much more fundamental than the status of adoption records, the ever expanding influence of the adoption industry. Keeping records closed is just one of the tactics of that industry and when compared to placing children in dangerous homes, coercing women to give up children or downright steal them for international adoption, it's not even the worse part of what is being done.

National Adoption Council.I

National Adoption Council.

I have signed up for the National Adoption Council's email newsletters. The NAC are experts, as they say on thier site. Sooner or later, they'll be happy and interested to hear from me/you/us with responses to augment such high expertise as they are obviously pretty keen on.

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