Alleged child trafficking ring smashed in China

October 25, 2009 /

Chinese authorities arrested dozens in an alleged child trafficking ring that sold at least 52 babies nationwide, state media said.

Nineteen boys and 33 girls were bought from impoverished rural families in Shanxi and Hebei provinces in the past two years, Xinhua news agency said.

The 42 suspects earned about $60,000 overall from the alleged trafficking, Xinhua said Friday.

The ring started crumbling after three men were arrested with a baby boy in their van, Xinhua said. The three said they had bought the baby from a woman and her daughter in Hebei, according to Xinhua.

The women had sold 12 other babies to the men, and were arrested, Xinhua said.

China has a one-child policy, forcing some parents to sell female babies in order to try for a boy, who are preferred traditionally.


Where do they end up?

Of course China will claim none of the children sold through this ring ended up in any foreign country, just like they did previously. When in earlier trafficking cases countries started asking questions about the situation, the Chinese response was always: yes we are aware of the situation and children did end up being adopted abroad, but none of them ever went to the country that asked questions. I guess the Chinese have a lucrative deal with Martians to sell the stolen children to, they sure never ended up in any Western country, that's for certain.

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