Caged kids sue adoptive parents, caseworkers, others

Date: 2009-10-21

By Gabriel Baird

Attorneys for two of the children kept in cages by Sharen and Michael Gravelle filed a lawsuit Monday against the adoptive parents who are now in prison.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the eldest two of the 11 abused children, who were named after their adoptive parents: 18-year-old Sharen and 17-year-old Michael Gravelle.

The suit targets the adoptive parents, caseworkers and the Hamilton County Department of Job and Family Services.

In the suit Cleveland-based attorney Jack Landskroner argues that the Gravelles were not fit parents and that officials never should have allowed them to take custody of the children.

The lawsuit asks for $25,000 in damages. This is a standard amount used in lawsuits. If the children win the suit, they could receive more less than that amount.

The case was filed in Cuyahoga County instead of Huron County, where the Gravelles lived in Clarksfield Township, because the Landskroner's firm and a few of the defendents are based in the county, attorneys said.

More lawsuits could later be filed on behalf of the other children.


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