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Date: 2009-10-20

Intercountry Adoption Service

With the objective to safeguard well-being and security of adopted children and to combat trafficking of children, the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption was ratified in May 1993. China has become one of the members since September 2005.

Po Leung Kuk was accredited by the Social Welfare Department of Hong Kong to commence Intercountry Adoption Service since 1st December, 2007.


  • The aim of intercountry adoption service is to find permanent and stable home overseas for Hong Kong children, who are in need of a home for them to thrive.
  • To help children to integrate into their adoptive families so that they can grow up happily and healthily.
  • The best interest of the children is our paramount consideration in adoption arrangement.

Attended by local residential homes or fostered families, the prospective adopted children are referred to the Kuk by the Social Welfare Department.

Children in need of intercountry adoption

  • Children below 18 years old who are wards of the Social Welfare Department of Hong Kong.  Most of them are of more complicated family background or with special needs and have difficulties in finding local adoptive families.
  • These children have the same need for normal family life and growing up in a caring and nurturing environment.

Who are likely to be suitable adoptive parents?

  • at least 25 years old and mature enough to take up parental responsibilities (21 years old for the adoption of a related child),
  • having good physical and mental health,
  • reasonably educated, preferably with at least 9 years formal education,
  • having stable employment and financial sufficiency, and a stable accommodation,
  • married couples with at least 3 years stable marriage (single applicant should have sufficient child care ability and other support), and
  • having no criminal record.

Applying adoption of children from Hong Kong

  • Applicants have to undergo a thorough home study in assessing their capability to become suitable adoptive parents. Since prospective adoptive families reside overseas, home study is conducted by an accredited adoptive agency in their countries.

Our Services:

  • To screen and assess applications and home studies of prospective adoptive families in collaboration with our overseas partner agencies.
  • To prepare full child study reports.
  • To match children with suitable adoptive families and make formal proposal through liaison with overseas government bodies or adoption agencies.
  • To prepare and arrange children for joining their overseas adoptive homes.
  • To follow up the progress of departed children until the adoption is finalized.
  • To assist adoptees of intercountry adoption tracing their roots.


  • A fee is charged for services. 

Referral Procedure

By referral from the Social Welfare Department of Hong Kong, other local adoption agencies, overseas government bodies or adoption agencies.

Direct application to our office

Overseas Adoption Organizations

The Kuk has been formally authorized by the Social Welfare Department to work in conjunction with the following overseas adoption organizations to serve applicants / families living in the relevant countries:


  • Hawaii International Child, Inc. (Honolulu, Hawaii, USA)  www.h-i-c.org
  • Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services (Los Angeles, California, USA) www.vistadelmar.org
  • Australian Attorney-General’s Department and other State/Territory Child Welfare Departments  www.ag.gov.au



Welcome to contact us if you are interested in making an adoption application or want to know more about our services.


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E-mail      :       adoption@poleungkuk.org.hk


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