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A child for money/adoption

For the umpteenth time, I encourage all readers to review PPL's abuse case pages.

WHY is it always assumed a child fostered/adopted (by an American, or other "wealthy foreigner") is doing well?

WHY do people never think an adopted child could be abandoned or abused?

Why are parents, asking about their lost children, never told harm could be brought to their children... children who have been sold for money, through the adoption industry?

A few examples

Cui prodest?

How much money has taken the puppet R.Post by Munchausen's Baroness?


For those who, like me, are not fluent in Romanian, here is a automatic translation of the text presented in the article, linked in the comment above mine:

Invited to the Reality TV Wednesday evening, Senator Corneliu Vadim Tudor, PRM, Baroness Emma Nicholson said that he received bribes from the Romanian Government at that time to change the country report of 2001, in favor of Romania.

Corneliu Vadim Tudor said Wednesday evening that the Government PSD Reality TV since 2001, Emma Nicholson has paid one million dollars bribe to change the country report in 2001.

"Country Report 2001 European Commission, which should have been presented by Baroness Emma Nicholson ... 48 hours kept us blown, was catastrophic and from it twisted. I said it and I received no response from Baroness Emma Nicholson, because he received a bribe of one million dollars. We have a colonel of SRI and son, which he is an officer and they know that they monitored. that the government gave bribes. In 2001 was the PSD government. It was the adoptions of children and that Lady had a delicate relationship with SRI and a captain by Ala payment was made. And the captain he took 100,000 dollars, "said Vadim Tudor.

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