Playing Island of the Lost Children - France

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The importance of these films

As Australia and those touched by Britain's "great" child migration scheme await their formal apologies from respective governments, we learn the exploitation and neglect of children put in-care is universal.

It's interesting to note what the social worker in the film  had to say about checks made on children "sent away".  Not enough checks were done, children were afraid to speak.  Even as an outsider, it's easy to see and understand how far too many cover-ups can and did take place within child-placement/protective schemes because no one was advocating the needs of children.

Meanwhile, a darker story is told at 15:15.  The way in which adoption was used to "remove the unwanted" is inexcusable.  In this particular film, viewers learn parents were tricked into signing hospital release papers, only to learn much later, those papers were "abandonment forms".  Those so-called abandoned children were sold through adoption.  The trickery used to procure children "eligible for adoption" -- it sickens me.  It should sicken many.

I hope others watch this video because it's easy to see how failure to check on children put-in-care is a problem that still exists today.

Children have been taken away, permanently, and they have been abused and neglected, for no good reason.

Tragic, isn't it?

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