GUILTY: Boerne Businessman Convicted in Child Porn Case

Date: 2009-10-06

Mouton adopted a girl specifically to use her for child porn, could get 20 years

By Jim Forsyth

A federal court jury took just an hour this afternoon to convict Boerne businessman Steven Mouton on child pornography charges, agreeing with prosecutors that Mouton, 55, adopted a young girl from China specifically to use her to make kiddie porn, 1200 WOAI’s Michael Board reports from the federal courthouse.

Mouton, who has been in custody since his arrest, could face up to 20 years in prison when he is sentenced by U.S. District Judge Xavier Rodriguez later this year.

Mouton was already on probation for indecency with a child when Kendall County lawmen found child porn images on two computers in his home.

Some of the images were of the 12 year old girl, which Mouton claimed she had placed there herself.

Jurors repeatedly recoiled from the images, some of which depicted what prosecutors said were ’sado-masochistic acts.’


How in the WORLD does this happen?!?!?

A federal court jury took just an hour this afternoon to convict Boerne businessman Steven Mouton on child pornography charges, agreeing with prosecutors that Mouton, 55, adopted a young girl from China specifically to use her to make kiddie porn.

Whether this man adopted to produce kiddie porn or not is academic.  He adopted a child and had sexual relations with that adopted child.  That's the crime.  Filming and distributing filmed sex acts with a child, for money, is the icing on the cake that makes this man... this story... that much more disgusting.

Maybe I'm too much of a cynic, but didn't anyone think it was just a little strange an older American man wanted to adopt a young Asian girl?  [Was there a wife when this foreign adoption took place?]

Does any one know what adoption agency/home-study service was used?  [What sort of business man is this person, and does his profession have anything to do with the media not empahsizing the child he used for sex/kiddie porn was his adopted daughter?]

Last but not least, the cynical side of me wants to know if the federal government will go after the adoption agency workers in this case, like they went after the unresolved Masha Allen case, featuring   Jeannene Smith / Reaching Out Thru International Adoption (ROTIA) ?  If so, there's a good chance this repeated offence will happen again with another adopted child through another adoption agency.

as far as i can tell

I have heard suggestions that one particular agency does mainly all adoptions of Chinese children in Texas, but other than that, there is no word on the adoption agency involved. The media silence about the fact this girl was adopted is striking.

The chance federal government will go after the adoption agency are slim. In Masha Allen's case, federal government only went after Jeannene Smith et. al., after being provoked to do so by the testimony made by Masha and by her lawyer James Marsh. This almost forced congress to use its power to subpoena to have a follow-up hearing about the adoption agency's negligence in screening Matthew Mancuso.

Before the ratification of The Hague Convention, international adoption was hardly an issue federal government had formal jurisdiction over. Of course it was an issue of immigrations, and it still is, but adoption agencies were licenced by states. Since the Hague, agencies operating internationally have to be accredited by the State Department when they operate in a Hague country. Since China is a Hague country, the agency involved is probably an accredited agency.

The girl in this case has been adopted several years ago, certainly before the ratification of the Hague, so I wonder if this will even be investigated by the State Department. The federal government is very interested in the child pornography aspect of the case, because that is a federal offence. The inter-country adoption aspect of the case is something new to the federal government, so it remains to be seen what will be done.

Of course the girl in this case can start a civil procedure against the agency, just like Masha did. If negligence can be proven, the agency can be sued.

The above article is the only media report speaking of adoption, while it is a very important case. There are many cases of sexual abuse, but there are not that many cases where it is obvious, obtaining a child to abuse, was the intent of the adoption. Cases like these demonstrate the market place inter-country adoption is. It is proof that the inter-country adoption system can be abused to purchase sexual objects of desire to rape.

Finally, no report speaks of a wife, but the white pages search of this person revealed a listing by that name (exact initials), which also listed a Mrs..

There was a wife involved

There was a wife involved and she was taken to court as well on this situation.

In fact to the point that

In fact to the point that after the 1st conviction he was to no longer be near children (being a registered sex offender) included the girl. The wife was allowing him to sneak into the house. So, in my view she is as guilt as he is.

Not sure why the rest of my

Not sure why the rest of my comments were not added.  Let's state clearly Mouton was a sex offender and thus NOT supposed to be around any children much less the one mentioned in the article.  Which I strongly disagree with articles giving this much information about a victim (the victim has rights and maybe does not want informatoin about her past given to an internet of people).  On a secondary note, the mother/wife was as much to blame as him.  She allowed him to continue to be around (in a secretive way).


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I appreciate the extra information you provided about the case.

info ?

When was the 1st conviction?  Was he married to this wife when he was first convicted?  did she know of the 1st conviction?  it's hard to tell and even harder without all the dates to figure out if the wife knew.

How many times was he married and you'd have to know more about his history.  But this is horrific. 


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