Girl adopted by Steven Lynn Mouton

A Chinese girl was adopted for the purpose of sexual abuse and the production of child pornography by Steven Lynn Mouton.

Mouton was convicted for sexual abuse in 2006, later probation officers found pornographic images of the abuse during a home visit in 2007.

October 7, 2009, Steven Lynn Mouton was found guilty over the production of child pornography. Local press reporting the case didn't mention the adopted status of the girl involved. Mouton is believed to have been married at one time.
Date: 2006-01-01
Placement type: Adoption
Type of abuse: Sexual abuse, Sexual exploitation
Abuser: Adoptive father


Boerne, Texas
United States
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Authorities investigate sexual assaults on local teens2008-04-17
Prosecutors Say Adopted Daughter Was Abused2009-10-05
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Trial begins for Boerne man accused of having child porn2009-10-06
Federal Jury Convicts Boerne Man on Child Pornography Charges2009-10-06
Boerne man guilty in child-porn case2009-10-07
Defendant's Motion for Judgment of Acquittal is DENIED2009-10-20
Boerne man convicted of adopting child for sex2010-03-18
Appeal Decision in US vs Mouton2011-01-06

I'm an adoptive parent: What agency evaluated this family?

As an adoptive parent, I'm horrified that this family slipped through. Someone at that adoption agency is either amazingly negligent or evil.

I can say it's astounding what we do to people who want to adopt. Families must submit to medical tests, have our financial records searched, be fingerprinted (multiple times), have our homes checked out, prove our hot water taps don't release water too hot and any number of other safeguards. Our families are interviewed and we need to get many references (which are checked). It's humiliating, because any horrible person who's fertile is free to get a baby the old-fashioned way without hundreds of pages of documents proving they are fit parents. BUT, AS I TELL MY SON (ADOPTED) AND DAUGHTER (BIOLOGICAL), WE MUST HAVE THOSE SAFEGUARDS. WE ALL NEED TO MAKE SURE THAT KIDS WHO'VE LOST THEIR PARENTS ONCE ARE PUT IN THE SAFEST POSSIBLE HOMES THE NEXT TIME. It's not ok to put them in homes that are "as good as" other homes. Kids who've been adopted or are in foster care need second homes that are really safe so they don't need any other home (yes, I know in reality foster care doesn't work that way in the US but it should).

Our agency was extremely careful and our social worker grilled us like crazy. While she was/is in favor of the adoption of older children (anyone not a baby), she told us it's harder to parent kids who have been in an orphanage for a long time or who will have more acute grief than kids adopted at birth. They tend to have more health, emotional and learning issues compared to kids adopted as babies. She was very careful to be sure we were really ready for all that. We were experienced, good parents and had another healthy kid to prove it, but she still grilled us hard. GOOD FOR HER!

The agencies that do shoddy studies and the parents who adopt kids to do evil things must not be allowed to give all adoptive parents bad names. Most adoptive parents just want to have a child to pour their love into and to watch that child grow - like any other parent except we don't care if that child looks like us.

Please, please, don't suspect adoptive parents as a group of sleazy motives. Just get the agency (ies) that did this to clean up their act or go to jail and let's protect all our kids (adopted and not).

From an adoptee's perspective

Since we started the PPL pages, I have been able to appreicate the sincerity of very good people who chose to adopt a child(ren).  Please appreciate my response, knowing I know first-hand what it's like to be abused within an adoptive family.

Please, please, don't suspect adoptive parents as a group of sleazy motives.

It's really, really, REALLY hard not to lump one set of APs with all others.  When that "experience" is all you know... how can you imagine life, and other APs, being any different?

I wholly agree... it's the agencies that need to be watched more carefully.  It's the agencies placing children in situations that are FAR from "ideal".


Knows first hand

As a mother, who's daughter was a victim to this man...who happened to be a family member .....I have not seen this until today....but so glad he was put away....not only was his adopted daughter was this fact , we were first to press charges when my daughter was's horrible for any family to go through....he deserves to rot


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