H.R. 3896 Intercountry Adoption Reform Act

Founded: 2004-03-04
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Anne M. NorthupCosponsor2004-03-25
Brad CarsonCosponsor2004-06-01
Chris Van HollenCosponsor2004-03-04
Cliff StearnsCosponsor2004-03-04
Dale E. KildeeCosponsor2004-07-20
Earl PomeroyCosponsor2004-03-04
Jeff FlakeCosponsor2004-04-28
Jim DeMintIntroduced2004-03-04
Jim OberstarCosponsor2004-03-04
John ShimkusCosponsor2004-03-04
Joseph PittsCosponsor2004-04-20
Mike PenceCosponsor2004-03-04
Robert WexlerCosponsor2004-03-04
Ron PaulCosponsor2004-03-04
Roy BluntCosponsor2004-06-01
Todd AkinCosponsor2004-03-04
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H.R. 3896 Intercountry Adoption Reform ActPart ofIntercountry Adoption Reform Act (ICARE)2004-03-04
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The United States House of RepresentativesIntroducedH.R. 3896 Intercountry Adoption Reform Act2004-03-04
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H.R. 3896 - Intercountry Adoption Reform Act2004-03-04

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