H.R. 3110: Foreign Adopted Children Equality Act

Founded: 2009-06-26
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John BoozmanCosponsor2009-06-26
Bob FilnerCosponsor2009-07-23
Sheila Jackson-LeeCosponsor2009-07-30
Michael E. McMahonCosponsor2009-07-23
J. Randy ForbesCosponsor2009-09-30
Diane E. WatsonIntroduced2009-06-26
Mike QuigleyCosponsor2010-01-27
Trent FranksCosponsor2009-10-22
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H.R. 3110: Foreign Adopted Children Equality ActPart ofForeign Adopted Children Equality Act2009-06-26
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The United States House of RepresentativesIntroducedH.R. 3110: Foreign Adopted Children Equality Act2009-06-25
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H.R. 3110 - FACE act2009-06-26

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