Woman says system failed 3 girls sexually abused by adoptive father

Date: 2009-09-28
Source: whas11.com

(WHAS11) - A local man is pleading guilty to abuse that spanned more than a decade.

But a New Albany woman says his abuse was ignored for far too long.

Charles Sparks' three victims were his three adopted daughters and if a judge accepts his plea deal he faces 20 years in prison and 10 years probation.
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LaDonna McDonald says justice has been a long time coming for these girls that she knew very well.

She says the system failed the girls from the start, when they were removed from a sexually abusive home and placed with Sparks and his wife. The girls told investigators Sparks started abusing them within a year of their adoption.

Ladonna says the legal system is failure.

For years LaDonna McDonald says she knew of the horrors that happened in the home behind hers at the hands of Charles Sparks.

"What's the first reaction to that name? The first reaction? Kill. You want to kill him. You want to see him dead. He tortured three girls and I mean every day, they have went through pure hell."

She says the victims, his three adopted daughters, confided in her about the abuse they endured night after night.

One day one of the girls approached her in her driveway visibly shaken and upset.

"She had tears coming down her cheek and she said 'no.' And I said, 'what's wrong?' She said, ‘I'm afraid I'm going to get pregnant.’ I said, 'I didn't know you had a boyfriend,'” said LaDonna.

“Because she's how old at this point?” asked WHAS 11 News Reporter Adrianna Hopkins.

“12. She said, ‘I don't have a boyfriend, I'm talking about my dad’," said LaDonna.

Broken hearted, LaDonna says she called Child Protective Services. In 2001, CPS investigated, and removed Sparks from the home for a while. But when the case went to court, the judge dismissed it, and Sparks was free to go home. And LaDonna says for years the abuse continued.

LaDonna says the system is broken and it failed these girls and has failed her in the past.

"And my daughters have struggled with that. So I can only imagine what these three are going through. And it's got to stop. These men and some women have got to learn stop picking on these kids. Stop picking on these babies,” she said.

WHAS11 News contacted Indiana Department of Child Services and they said: "We cannot comment on the specifics of the case. We are pleased justice has been served and that this man is behind bars."

LaDonna still keeps in contact with the victims -- the girls she says she tried to save.

“How are they doing?” asked Adrianna.

“They're trying to live a normal life,” said LaDonna.

“Is it possible?” asked Adrianna.

“I don't think so. You can see it in their face. To me I would say, they're ruined.”

This plea deal means that Charles Sparks will plead guilty to three counts of child molesting and could spend 20 years in prison. Ladonna says she's not sure if that's enough. Because if Sparks was convicted of the 58 counts he was charged with -- he could have faced 1,914 years in jail. Ladonna says his victims have told her, they want him to die behind bars.


Something is seriously missing

Children are removed from one sexually abusive home, placed into pre-screened agency-approved adoptive family.  Within a year of the adoption, those once sexually abused children saved through adoption are being sexually abused.... for years, by the pre-screened, pre-approved adoptive father.

But it gets better, because CPS is called to investigate sexual abuse allegations, but for some reason the judge dismisses the case, and the children and adoptive parents are reunited.

Years later, sexually abusive agency approved and screened dad goes to jail, for three counts of child molestation. [According to another article, he was originally facing 58 charges of child molestation and sexual misconduct.]

WHAS11 News contacted Indiana Department of Child Services and they said: "We cannot comment on the specifics of the case. We are pleased justice has been served and that this man is behind bars."

If justice was served, what happened to the placing adoption agency, and the fine concerned folks who did the pre-screening, home-study, and approval?

as one who knows, this is

as one who knows, this is how messed-up things really get. sexually abused kids hate their lives, so they turn to alcohol or drugs to forget the crap they're going through. they can't afford to keep the habit that keeps them from killing themselves or others, so they sell tricks to get treats. before the kids know it, they're whoring for some guy who may or may not dabble in a few extracirricular activities, like dealing. the kids get in a whole big mess with the police. it gets ugly, quick. if the kids are lucky, the big daddy wants the lucious kids back, and won't punish them too bad for getting stupid and sloppy. if not, and the kids get tossed in jail, it's no big deal. they could use the time to get clean and sober. if they're hooked enough, the kids will come crawling back, begging for more candy, and a place to sleep.

maybe if the dad is still alive after a few nights with the boys in cages, he'll find out how some of the older kids got landed in jail.

Economy, Environment and Future Developments

How common it is for a sexually abused child to choose sex and drugs as a future calling, I don't know... but according to a very recent article, a high-paid super model admits to a dark-side known to many in her field.

'I was abused as a child. I was inappropriately touched up when I was eight. That was the first time. The second time was when I was 13.'

Sophie revealed she was abused by friends of her family, and that she had confided in her real father, and recently told her mother, although she hasn't told her who it is. saying: 'She would kill them.'

 The former model also said another assault occurred when she was 17 and at a party, high on ecstasy.
She said: '...I was at a party, and two guys assaulted me. I don't want to go into it too much and sound as if I am being like Jordan... but it did happen.

'I didn't report it because I was high on ecstasy at the time and didn't think anyone would believe me.'

The 32-year-old has described how in 2004 she would drink a bottle of vodka every night and use cocaine in the daytime.

A £5,000 a week cocaine habit saw Sophie soon rack up the debts, and when the money ran out, and her dealer was pursuing her for money she became desperate.

She said: 'The coke ran out, my cash card was rejected and my dealer was ringing up demanding payments. I knew I desperately needed money - now.'

At this point Sophie was introduced to a madam who told her to dress sexily and priced her at £10,000 to £15,000 an hour.

[From:  'I was abused as a child and sexually assaulted as a teenager', says model outed as vice girl Sophie Anderton, September 29, 2009, Daily Mail.]

It's bad enough sexual abuse takes place in first-families.  I find it to be so much more offensive when it takes place in so-called safer, better foster/adoptive families.

Just to give a better perspective on how the tax-payer is paying for these human errors/mistakes, more people need to see all four parts to the video called Our Children's Future is in our Hands

With so many facing economic/domestic problems these days, more people have to seriously ask what is being done by local government and CPS to keep children safe, and OUT of detention centers?

"Ladonna says his victims

"Ladonna says his victims have told her, they want him to die behind bars."

You know leaking what jail the pig is going to be in might still make it happen.

Have faith... even inmates would agree with the victims. :)

in my daughters' case

the birth parents (the fucking SWs and cops found pictures, tapes, the works) after finally getting around to investigate.... kids came into care for another reason

they plea bargined to 30 days in jail (5 year sentence suspended) were first charged with 15 rape, sodomey, etc... charges... and plea bargined to one count of forcible sodomey (sp?)

there were at least 2 other adults in one of the tapes participating.... there were at least 3 other children no one ever bothered to look for...

:( the system does not give a shit about these kids....

this, like most of this sick stuff, never made the news... you can look b-parents up on the sex offender list... b-dad moved to Rhode Island because there they only list Sex offenders who actually killed someone or something like they... they only list 4 people...

actually Virginia stopped listing a lot of offenders too...

If you tell the court will make you pay

When I was a child I was beaten and raped by my step dad and abused by my mother. The only people I was close to was my brothers and sisters. I would hide the children like Easter eggs from the horror. One horrible night I called the police and explained the abuse. I was taken away from the children and put with strangers. My step dad got two years in prison and I got 8 years without my family. I was the one punished at home and by the system. My oldest brother molested my sisters while I was gone and I still feel the blame. No one will touch my children or I will kill them and face prison before sending my children through that system!!!!!!!!!!!!! My children our almost grown, one off to college the other in high school. It took a lot of counseling to try to function. But I went through two marriages and will never be what ever normal means ???????????????

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