Catholic church accused of covering up child abuse

September 23, 2009 /

The Catholic church was yesterday accused at the United Nations Human Rights Council of covering up child abuse.

The accusation was made in a speech by the International Humanist and Ethical Union.

Speaker Keith Porteous Wood said that victims of child abuse have been accused of lying.

He said: "For decades the church has got away with covering up child abuse on a huge scale. The Holy See is in breach of its obligation under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

"This marks the start of our campaign to shame the UN and the international community into calling the Vatican to account."


Isn't it about time?

Sexual abuse, in any form and any where, must be called what it is and dealt with.  For too long, the Catholic Church has been allowed to sweep too much under the rug; not all, but enough for it to continue.  There are YEARS of abuse that has not been dealt with.
I'm here to say that it is NOT just the Catholic Church because, I was abused in a Baptist Church when I was a child.  And until I started saying things and doing things at the age 0f 4, my mother was ?not? aware of it...  she only knew that she had to do something because it also involved my father.  And her idea of help was to isolate me so completely in some ways, and then to shove me so far away form her in other ways that it left me a traumatized child.
How were children of abuse within the church treated by their parents?  Was this SO BIG (the Catholic Church IS part of the family) that it had to be kept quiet for all these years?  The "Church" is seen as BIGGER than life, for most families; and the priests/pastors as infallible to the point that they, like other predators, DEPEND on the families to keep it quiet.  A child's natural father, and the priest/pastor, are portrayed to the child as HOLY!  almost next to God...  and this is where the child gets confused.  Where does the loyalty begin and end, and with whom is more loyalty due? 
The WORLD needs to rise up against child sexual abuse, in a uniformed stand, FULL FORCE!  This could be a start.

What did I ever do to deserve this... Teddy

Let us not forget...

Abuse in and by the church has to be seen in it's entirety, especially as it relates to child safety and child placement.

What the Catholic Church did in the name of God, sin, and forgiveness is made so much worse when you realize children were sold to highest bidders, (not necessarily the most loving trustworthy caring individuals) and those children left behind in "religious" care were beaten, neglected and sexually abused.  Read about The Ryan Report.... much is there.

For many children, the Catholic Church left it's mark, and to this day, The Vatican has yet to issue a formal apology.

I suppose the church is hoping all lost souls will die before any serious work and clean-up gets done.  I also suppose without a formal apology we are all to simply forgive and forget and assume history/patterns will not continue to repeat itself.  Wouldn't that be the nice, responsible (church-friendly) thing to do?

The face the church presents to the family...

For a Catholic OR non-Catholic family, the Church is MADE to be seen as PERFECT.  We are NOT to run-down the Church just because WE have seen some bad.  The Church represents God on earth.  THIS is the mentality of Churched people for years.
Everything will NOT be made public BECAUSE of who and what the church is supposed to represent.  It is supposed to represent safety for the soul as well as the body.  But as long as it is run by FALLIBLE human beings who are spoken of as INFALLIBLE, there will be no changes.  There will be no safety within the church.

What did I ever do to deserve this... Teddy

As luck would have it...

I just learned the Pope is expected to visit Britain in 2010.  It should be interesting to see/hear what he has to say about "Catholic responsibility", and various (homosexual) practices taking place in adoption.

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