Executive compensations at adoption agencies

Most adoption agencies are registered as not-for-profit organizations and as a result are obliged to file executive compensations with the IRS. While the organization itself is not-for-profit, its executives can still make a startling amount of money for themselves. In that sense promoting an agency as not-for-profit can, and in many cases is misleading. In several situations the compensation of top executives at adoption agencies is essentially the profit made by the organization.

The table that follows lists compensations to adoption agency executives in the amount of $95,000 or more, including benefits and expenses.
1C. Warren MosesCEOThe Children's Aid Society New York$1,351,200 (2008)
2Harold A. SmithSecretaryCatholic Charities of Baltimore$533,333 (2008)
3Kenneth L HallCEOBuckner International$398,795 (2007)
4Joan Wallace-BenjaminCEOThe Home for Little Wanderers$361,538 (2008)
5David M KihnemanCOOBuckner International$332,534 (2007)
6Seymour J FriedlandExecutive DirectorJewish Child & Family Services$320,475 (2007)
7Betty Nogan-WoernerCFOThe Children's Aid Society New York$298,456 (2008)
8Jane QuinnAssistant Executive DirectorThe Children's Aid Society New York$296,787 (2008)
9Patricia GraysonAssistant Executive DirectorThe Children's Aid Society New York$284,724 (2008)
10Maxine ChalkerExecutive DirectorAdoptions From The Heart $280,000 (2007)
11Vernon McFarland-BrownCEOAspiranet$278,618 (2013)
12William WeisbergCOOThe Children's Aid Society New York$278,019 (2008)
13Elias LeffermanCEOVista del Mar Family & Child Services$277,974 (2008)
14Nina KostinaPresidentFrank Foundation (FFCAI)$276,099 (2007)
15Nancy B RonquilloCEOChildren's Home & Aid Society of Illinois $267,443 (2008)
16George F AignerPresidentLutheran Social Services of Illinois$264,375 (2008)
17Margaret A ColeExecutive DirectorEuropean Adoption Consultants (EAC)$264,000 (2004)
18Madonna KingCEOChildren's Home Society & Family Services, Minnesota (CHSFS)$257,616 (2008)
19Jean M JohnsonVice PresidentLutheran Social Services of Illinois$255,493 (2008)
20Emilio BenitezCEOChildNet Inc.$254,356 (2013)
21Jill Borg SpitzerCEOAdoption Alliance of San Diego $251,095 (2008)
22Jack DavisVice PresidentBuckner International$250,892 (2007)
23Tony LintelmanCFOBuckner International$250,411 (2007)
24Gerald E NoonanVice PresidentLutheran Social Services of Illinois$245,123 (2008)
25Albert L ReyesPresidentBuckner Children & Family Services Inc$243,698 (2007)
26James GabrielCFOCatholic Charities of Baltimore$242,329 (2008)
27Michael J. McMahon CEOGladney Center for Adoption$239,179 (2007)
28David SloverVice PresidentBuckner Foundation$237,438 (2007)
29Mark EckmanExecutive DirectorThe Datz Foundation$232,028 (2007)
29Vivian DatoffExecutive DirectorThe Datz Foundation$232,028 (2007)
31Kathleen SilberAssistant Executive DirectorIndependent Adoption Center$221,731 (2007)
32Tara GuttermanExecutive DirectorAdoption ARC$219,514 (2007)
33Timothy C RhodesCEOLifelink international adoptions$212,000 (2008)
34Kenneth E HambergVice PresidentThe Home for Little Wanderers$208,217 (2008)
35Julie TyePresidentThe Cradle $207,474 (2008)
36Katherine LeggExecutive DirectorSpence-Chapin Services to Families and Children$194,396 (2008)
37Walter H OusleyCOOCatholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago$193,621 (2008)
38Howard GarvalCEOChild and Family Service$189,872 (2008)
39Felipe GarzaVice PresidentBuckner Children & Family Services Inc$187,953 (2007)
40Rose Alma SenatoreExecutive DirectorCatholic Charities Archdiocese of Hartford$183,535 (2008)
41Robert GeniesseExecutive DirectorOur Children's Homestead$182,847 (2008)
42John ReiberCFOAspiranet$181,076 (2013)
43Philip HernandezDirectorThe Home for Little Wanderers$179,353 (2008)
44Lloyd McwilliamsVice PresidentBuckner International$178,515 (2007)
45Scott CollinsVice PresidentBuckner International$178,240 (2007)
46Richard RoetersVice PresidentBethany Christian Services$178,111 (2008)
47Irina SprishenDirectorAdoptions From The Heart $176,946 (2007)
48Michael J OuskaCIOLutheran Social Services of Illinois$175,364 (2008)
49Lillian ZhangCEOChina Adoption With Love, Inc.$175,321 (2007)
50Lisa Rowan-GillisVice PresidentThe Home for Little Wanderers$175,280 (2008)
51J. Scott BrownVice PresidentGladney Center for Adoption$174,670 (2007)
52Susan CurnanVice PresidentThe Home for Little Wanderers$173,862 (2008)
53Steve IngramVice PresidentBuckner International$171,278 (2007)
54Marilyn ReigerExecutive DirectorThe Barker Foundation $170,578 (2008)
55Lily NieCEOChinese Children Adoption International (CCAI) $170,360 (2008)
56William J. BlacquierePresidentBethany Christian Services$169,809 (2007)
57Robert CashelPresidentFamily & Children's Agency, Inc. (FCA)$169,394 (2008)
58Amy JaffeVice PresidentVista del Mar Family & Child Services$168,786 (2008)
59Keene MetzgerCFOJewish Child & Family Services$167,264 (2007)
60Neil KnightonEmployed byBuckner Foundation$166,749 (2007)
61Laureen Walsh-BarringerDirectorAspiranet$165,318 (2013)
62Maryann L AimoneVice PresidentLutheran Social Services of Illinois$163,657 (2008)
63Alan SpectorPresidentGlenkirk$163,007 (2008)
64Joshua ZhongPresidentChinese Children Adoption International (CCAI) $161,859 (2008)
65Gary GamerCEOHolt International Children's Services$161,526 (2008)
66Jeannie ImelioDirectorAspiranet$160,934 (2013)
67Brook VosPresidentThe Cradle Foundation$158,397 (2008)
68L. Michelle McDonaldCFOVista del Mar Family & Child Services$157,970 (2008)
69Alina AfinogenovaEmployed byAdoption Ark$157,850 (2007)
69Elina V FilippovaPresidentAdoption Ark$157,850 (2007)
71Carole StilesVice PresidentHolt International Children's Services$155,689 (2007)
72Kathleen KunkelExecutive DirectorA Act of Love, Alternative Options and Services for Children$154,315 (2007)
73Kathy DonahueDirectorCatholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago$153,956 (2008)
74Leonora R WiseVice PresidentThe Home for Little Wanderers$150,586 (2008)
75Holly ThauwaldDirectorAspiranet$149,792 (2013)
76Susan A SindersonVice PresidentLifelink international adoptions$148,526 (2008)
77Dale StrassheimCEOThe Baby Fold$146,878 (2008)
78Randall I Daniels Vice PresidentBuckner Children & Family Services Inc$146,626 (2007)
79Richard PearlmanCEOFamily Resource Center$145,749 (2008)
80Michael ShaverCOOChildren's Home & Aid Society of Illinois $144,281 (2008)
81Cleo M TerryVice PresidentLifelink international adoptions$143,434 (2008)
82Phil LittletonVice PresidentHolt International Children's Services$141,606 (2008)
83Janet MintzerCEOPearl S. Buck International (Welcome House)$140,674 (2008)
84David M JensenVice PresidentLutheran Social Services of Illinois$140,565 (2008)
85Albert F BarberCOOCatholic Charities of Fairfield County Inc.$139,440 (2008)
86Linda PerilsteinExecutive DirectorCradle of Hope Adoption Center (CHAC or COH)$139,371 (2007)
87Lois NesciCOOCatholic Charities Archdiocese of Hartford$139,228 (2008)
88Emily SachsCFOSpence-Chapin Services to Families and Children$138,584 (2008)
89Brent E YoderDirectorAdoption Options, Inc. (CA)$138,055 (2007)
90Kent SuarezCFOChildren's Home & Aid Society of Illinois $137,539 (2008)
91Johnathan S EvartsVice PresidentLifelink international adoptions$137,500 (2008)
92Daniel SmithVice PresidentChildren's Home Society & Family Services, Minnesota (CHSFS)$136,621 (2008)
93Heidi Bruegel CoxVice PresidentGladney Center for Adoption$135,694 (2007)
94Gail SternCEOMandala Adoption Services$135,328 (2007)
95Lesley SiegelExecutive DirectorAcross the World Adoptions $135,275 (2008)
96Mervin AuchtungCOOBethany Christian Services$134,059 (2008)
97Peggy A ArizziTreasurerCatholic Charities, Diocese of Peoria $133,719 (2008)
98Kevin SweeneyCFOHolt International Children's Services$132,527 (2008)
99Ronald StoddartCEONightlight Christian Adoption $131,897 (2005)
100Vickye SchultzVice PresidentGladney Center for Adoption$131,759 (2007)
101Jane BaremanVice PresidentAdoption Associates, Inc.$131,728 (2006)
102Snow WuPresidentGreat Wall China Adoption (GWCA)$131,534 (2008)
103Patti J BatesCOOChild and Family Service$131,010 (2008)
104Merrily RipleyExecutive DirectorAdoption Advocates International (AAI) WA$130,391 (2008)
105Merrilee HeplerVice PresidentThe Cradle $128,601 (2008)
106Janice GoldwaterExecutive DirectorAdoptions Together $128,309 (2007)
107Ruth E PriceEmployed byBuckner Foundation$128,125 (2007)
108Edgar BernierCFOCatholic Charities Archdiocese of Hartford$128,030 (2008)
109Donna L BarberVice PresidentLutheran Social Services of Illinois$127,722 (2008)
110Bob JokelaCOOJewish Child & Family Services$127,689 (2007)
111Debra PetersDirectorBethany Christian Services$126,778 (2007)
112Stephanie Mitchell Executive DirectorMAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Services)$126,734 (2008)
113Frank N ChiarellaDirectorLutheran Social Services of Illinois$126,533 (2008)
114Dwyatt C GanttExecutive DirectorChildren's Hope International (CHI)$126,500 (2007)
115Jim HueyPresidentThe Gladney Fund$124,880 (2007)
116Peter LeppanenCEOWide Horizons for Children (WHFC)$123,960 (2008)
117Joe KrollExecutive DirectorNorth American Council on Adoptable Children$122,175 (2008)
118Anna Belle IllienExecutive DirectorIllien Adoptions International, Inc.$121,800 (2005)
119Mary FronkVice PresidentThe Home for Little Wanderers$121,612 (2008)
120Brenda HennDirectorSmall World Adoption Foundation of Missouri, INC.$120,808 (1998)
121Terry PeekVice PresidentChildren's Home & Aid Society of Illinois $120,206 (2008)
122Russel NeumenCEOArrowhead Foster Family Agency Inc.$120,000 (2013)
122Melba RodriguezVice PresidentLifelink international adoptions$120,000 (2008)
124Mary DailyDirectorAdoptions From The Heart $119,786 (2007)
125Susan L GilpinDirectorLutheran Social Services of Illinois$119,547 (2008)
126Rocky RosettiVice PresidentFamily & Children's Agency, Inc. (FCA)$119,442 (2008)
127Marshall WilliamsVice PresidentGladney Center for Adoption$119,297 (2007)
128Dawn MusgraveDirectorAdoptions Together $118,906 (2007)
129Lynne JacobsExecutive DirectorAdopt International and Domestic Services (CA)$118,600 (2007)
130Joan JaegerVice PresidentThe Cradle $118,309 (2008)
131David PilgrimVice PresidentChildren's Home Society & Family Services, Minnesota (CHSFS)$117,977 (2008)
132Linda HagemanVice PresidentThe Cradle $117,033 (2008)
133Natasha MishinaVice PresidentFrank Foundation (FFCAI)$116,604 (2007)
134Heidi GonzalezDirectorAdoptions From The Heart $116,449 (2007)
135Gary L. LongmanPresidentSunny Ridge Family Center$115,786 (2007)
136Laura ArvoldSecretaryChildren's Home Society & Family Services, Minnesota (CHSFS)$115,755 (2008)
137Walter E. GilbertCEOAn Open Door Adoption Agency, Inc.$114,517 (2008)
138Lonnie PearsonVice PresidentChildren's Home & Aid Society of Illinois $113,681 (2008)
139Ginger AllenExecutive DirectorAdvocates for Children and Families$113,300 (2008)
140Marc AndreasDirectorBethany Christian Services$112,438 (2007)
141Jennifer MerdingerVice PresidentThe Cradle Foundation$112,427 (2008)
142Randall BachmanVice PresidentChildren's Home Society & Family Services, Minnesota (CHSFS)$112,344 (2008)
143Megan Davis-OchiVice PresidentChildren's Home & Aid Society of Illinois $111,228 (2008)
144Alison FosterExecutive DirectorFamily Connections Christian Adoptions$111,113 (2008)
145Thomas ZookDirectorBethany Christian Services$110,957 (2008)
146Cynthia D SmetanaCFOCatholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago$110,827 (2008)
147Tomilee HardingCEOChristian World Adoption (CWA)$110,665 (2008)
148Debra FrederickVice PresidentCatholic Charities of Fairfield County Inc.$109,992 (2008)
149Ann WrixonExecutive DirectorIndependent Adoption Center$109,528 (2007)
150Peter KnibbeDirectorBethany Christian Services$108,912 (2007)
151Susan MainesExecutive DirectorAmerica World Adoption Association$108,675 (2007)
152Gary KuyperDirectorBethany Christian Services$108,600 (2007)
153Georgia LeonardExecutive DirectorThe Family Network, Inc. $108,248 (2008)
154Aleda MadisonCEOMadison Adoption Associates$108,000 (2007)
155Rosemary MartinExecutive DirectorCarolina Adoption Services$107,987 (2008)
156Brian DeVosDirectorBethany Christian Services$107,808 (2007)
157Susan Soon-Keum CoxVice PresidentHolt International Children's Services$107,514 (2007)
158Linda BrownleeExecutive DirectorAdoption Center of Washington$107,316 (2007)
159Mary Ellen HassVice PresidentFamily & Children's Agency, Inc. (FCA)$107,312 (2008)
160Linda R. WynnExecutive DirectorHeart to Heart Adoption Service, Inc.$107,125 (2007)
161Robert HardingCFOChristian World Adoption (CWA)$107,026 (2008)
162Melody Wen ZhangAssistant Executive DirectorChildren's Hope International (CHI)$106,770 (2007)
163Irene CronkiteVice PresidentFamily & Children's Agency, Inc. (FCA)$105,388 (2008)
164Cynthia FoxCFOCatholic Charities of Fairfield County Inc.$105,340 (2008)
165Michele FriedChairmanAdoption S.T.A.R., Inc. $105,000 (2007)
166Ellen GiudiceVice PresidentThe Cradle $104,730 (2008)
167Ronald J CameronDirectorBethany Christian Services$104,099 (2007)
168Lois FaheyVice PresidentFamily & Children's Agency, Inc. (FCA)$103,494 (2008)
169William HoeyVice PresidentCatholic Charities of Fairfield County Inc.$102,847 (2008)
170Karen TanVice PresidentChild and Family Service$101,836 (2008)
171Linda ColemanCFOGlenkirk$101,315 (2008)
172Alan BachmanVice PresidentChildren's Home Society & Family Services, Minnesota (CHSFS)$101,280 (2008)
173Gongzhan WuEmployed byGladney Center for Adoption$100,629 (2007)
174Patricia Marsden KishVice PresidentFamily & Children's Agency, Inc. (FCA)$100,424 (2008)
175Hilary FreemanVice PresidentChildren's Home & Aid Society of Illinois $100,273 (2008)
176Rhonda Gelman-KelleyVice PresidentPearl S. Buck International (Welcome House)$98,411 (2008)
177Keith WallaceCEOFamilies Thru International Adoption (FTIA)$98,353 (2007)
178Marsha Lee UsdaneSecretaryDillon Southwest$98,344 (2007)
179Vicki PetersonDirectorWide Horizons for Children (WHFC)$97,838 (2008)
180Anne BarclayVice PresidentChildren's Home & Aid Society of Illinois $97,442 (2008)
181Laura ReillyVice PresidentChildren's Home & Aid Society of Illinois $97,386 (2008)
182Teresa MandicVice PresidentPearl S. Buck International (Welcome House)$96,668 (2008)
183Lisa PieperVice PresidentChildren's Home & Aid Society of Illinois $96,326 (2008)
  1. The compensation of C. Warren Moses includes $870,047 in benefits, the annual compensation itself is "only" $481,158;
  2. Several of the agencies listed have a much wider scope than adoption alone, so the compensations paid are not always just for adoption related activities;
  3. Lily Nie and Joshua Zhong are husband and wife, together they make $332,219;
  4. Mark Eckman and Vivian Datoff are husband and wife, together they make $464,056;
  5. When compensations have fluctuated strongly in the last couple of years the highest compensation is listed;
  6. The table will automatically be updated whenever new information is being made available.

payback~ pay-forward, just pay!

Never let it be said that the rich aren't getting richer on the backs of the victims. I am outraged over the finances of these people. While everyone else is expected to pay and pay in 1 way or another. Must be nice to gain so much off anothers suffering. Perhaps we should open an adoption agency here.....

Where Are The 20/20 & 60 Minutes Expose's On This?

I find it interesting that they major networks and papers have not done expose's on the multi-billion dollar baby pimping that is clearly going on here. The stats don't lie! I think there is a lot of money being passed under tables to keep this stuff from the news. The adoption industry's lobbyists are paying off t.v. producers and anyone else who might blow the whistle on their sick, money making schemes. Selling flesh for profit. I hope every person on that list finds a very warm place in HELL for their evil deeds.

Another POV

The adoption industry's lobbyists are paying off t.v. producers and anyone else who might blow the whistle on their sick, money making schemes

That's why (I think) it would be nice if someone like Michael Moore showed a little interest in little things, like items left "off the record" and the happenings taking place behind closed-doors.

Him and Madonna

Someone years ago told me that Bastard nation had spoken to him at least about adoptee rights.  He supported them but I hear he is kind of mad at us because we weren't in love with Madonna's adoption antics.

He needs to but he too thinks adoption is happy and dappy.

"Show me the money!"

Perhaps others can begin to understand why I see RED (and black) when I read about AP's agreeing to pay $4000 more in adoption fees, just to save an adoption agency from closing... an agency that goes to Ethiopia to collect it's children for waiting (impatient) PAP's, with money.   

[See:  Fly Away Children]


pricing the executive

Today I checked out some of the responses to the list of executive compensations given on some of the forums that have linked to it. Apart from some outrage there were also some comments stating that the compensations to executives in this list were much conform the market and if agencies did not pay such salaries they wouldn't be able to hire the best in the field.

That line of reasoning is true to an extent for the highest compensations in the list. Welfare organizarions like, The Children's Aid Society and Catholic Charities are big organizations with a long tradition and their representatives are hired to do a certain job. This is not true for most of the adoption agencies that are in the business of adoption only. Many of those were founded by the current executive director and are run as a vehical to make a personal profit. In many cases the bottom-line of the organization is not the profit of the organization, but the compensation of the executive director. In most agencies there is no competition for the best job. In most agencies the founder is like an owner and the board of directors is chosen by that owner.

As a result most executive compensations for adoption agencies are not based on skills that have a market price, but are based on the number of children the organization was able to place.

Thank you for this very

Thank you for this very informative and reliable post. When a number of large corporations went to the government for a bailout during the recession a few years ago, one of the first things the American people wanted curbed was executive compensation. A business that unsuccessful miserably and wanted TARP help shouldn't be lining already padded pockets. However, a brand new report has found executive compensation slightly dipped even while a number of firms, such as General Motors, AIG and Ally Financial, were receiving TARP funding. Source of article: https://personalmoneynetwork.com/

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