Is Elton John joining the celebrity adoption band-wagon?

Word is out 62 year old living music legend Elton John and his husband "would love" to adopt a 14-month old boy from Ukraine.  Apparently the HIV positive child living in an orphanage won the hearts of both Elton and David  and even managed to change the star's mind about adoption.  [According to news reports, in the the past, the famous musician did not feel his lifestyle of frequent traveling would be fair for a child.]

So... adopting a baby-boy would make the estate a home, especially since Elton seems to be feeling a little off-key.

Elton added that a child could help fill the gap in his life left by the recent death of his long-term keyboardist, Guy Babylon.

“Last week I lost one of my best friends,” he said of Guy, who died of a heart attack at the age of 52. “It broke my heart because he was such a genius and so young and has two wonderful children. What better opportunity to replace someone I lost than to replace him with someone I can give a future to.”

Will the adoption take place?  That depends on many factors, including.... does Ukraine have an age-requirement for PAP's, and will this rule be honored?  In one report, it states in Ukraine, there must not be more than 45-years age difference between a child and its adoptive parents... and yet another source claims no such age-requirements exist.

One of the reasons many choose international adoption is that some countries have liberal age limits. Older persons, who may find domestic adoption presents too many hurdles due to the age factor, often turn to countries like Mexico, Russia, or Greece where the upper age limit is 60. Other countries, like Ukraine and Venezuela, have no statutory age limit; however, prospective adoptive parents are interviewed and their abilities to parent evaluated.

In any case, one has to wonder just how much international adoption laws, rules and requirements really matter, given Madonna's history (and celebrity "influence") in Malawi.


Wanted: 14 month old keyboard player

Hmmm... yet another adoptee to be used as a replacement part.

Wouldn't Elton John be better off using this placement service.

If you ask me...

In all seriousness, I honestly believe the best thing Sir EJ could do is sponsor the child he fell in love with, and make frequent visits to the country/area he found the boy who captured his heart.  [He has the means and the money, doesn't he?]

One does not have to "remove" to help and repair.  [See: After-care ]

An interesting response...

In response to Elton John's wish to adopt and help so-called orphans languishing in orphanages, a children's charity, EveryChild, is on record with it's own opinion:

while it praised John's help in raising awareness of the plight of children affected by HIV in Ukraine, it said the answer to the country's deepening HIV and Aids crisis does not lie in international adoption, arguing that more children may be abandoned in children's homes as a result of another high-profile, celebrity adoption.

[From:  Concern over Elton adoption attempt, Press Association, September 13, 2009 ]

The article continues:

"Research conducted in Ukraine by Liverpool University found that vulnerable mothers were encouraged by news of wealthy foreigners adopting from children's homes to place their own children in care in the hope that they would get a better life. Most children placed in children's homes are not adopted internationally; the majority face a bleak future.

"Children who grow up in a children's home are much more likely to end up in prison, involved with drugs and prostitution and go on to abandon their own children. The actions of celebrities like Madonna, and now possibly Elton John, could be actually increasing the number of children in children's homes in countries like Ukraine."

What is the message celebrities want to send:  encourage acts/sacrifices that help others, or encourage mothers to abandon their children so those who "have more" can feel good about themselves?

Recent news

Recent news reported that the child is not an orphan and has a mother and at least one sibling. John and his partner can sponsor the entire family. I don't blame the guy for falling for this little guy, who wouldn't? But it would be nice to see him and his partner do the right thing.

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