She Claims to be the Messiah..

Date: 2009-09-05

A 65 years old British woman who believes she is the Messiah has pleaded not guilty to keeping three children as slaves for 10 years in her U.S. farm.
Mercedes Farquharson was arrested in Bulgaria, in July. She has been on the run for three years after being charged of abusing a young woman by making her working up to 20 hours in harsh conditions at her home in North Carolina.

British newspapers reported that one of the girls was Farrquharson’s adoptive daughter, while the other two kids, Holly and Jasmine were taken from Southall, west London in early 1990 while their real mother was having marital problems and difficulties.
Moreover, it is alleged that as young as seven, the kids were being forced to work for long hours or else they were facing physical abuse; they never went to school...They use to clean up after dozens of animals (Chickens, dogs, sheep and 12 dogs) the papers reported.

Farquharson was ordered yesterday, by a federal court in North Carolina, to remain behind bars until her trial.

"Holly" said that Farquharson who claimed to be the Messiah, made her cook expensive steaks for her, one after another until she got it just right while she used to throw the unapproved ones to the dogs...

Holly reported that they thought at one point that they will not survive the misery... Farquharson always found something wrong in their work and two of them at least would be beaten each day.

In 2003, Farquharson was ordered by social services workers to clean the house but did not present any complaint to the authorities, since the girls said that they were happy...

In 2005, following complaints from neighbors of suspicious activity at the property in Monroe, North Carolina, investigators returned to the farm but this time they removed all girls from the house. The next day, Farquharson fled the country.

Authorities reported that the house was nasty, like inside of a barn because Farquharson used to order the girls to leave the doors open for the animals to enter the house.

Farquharson went on the run for four years and was arrested in Bulgaria in July of this year. She faces up to 65 years in jail if convicted..


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