Lavender's Adoption Days

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Date: 2007-06-12

Did Lavender have a cleft palate ?

This still pic taken off the utube link looks like either a cleft palate operation ? or a blood nose
And her eyes also look like they are weeping blood ?

Is that the adoptive monster saying "hi" when the Asian lady brings lavender up the hallway ?
Did she call her Katie ?

That little girl flinched when that Adoptive monster touched her..

:( what a sad horrible story :(

Cleft palate

Lavender Banks indeed had a cleft palate.

While this mom is a horrible

While this mom is a horrible monster, I am also an adopting parent (from China, 2004) and my daughter wanted nothing to do with me at first... they are scared and flinch and cry. This little girl actually handled it better than my daughter, who was also 3 when adopted. I think she calls her baby... and the hand does belong to the adoptive monster I think. You need to look into cleft lips better... it is obvious she has a cleft lip and not a nose bleed or her eyes weeping blood. It is a bi-lateral cleft. Severe but very repairable.

This woman should have gotten more than 15 to life... to think how many people went to bat for her so that she could even adopt this little girl.

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