Registered sex offender accused of abusing adopted son

Date: 2009-08-24

ATTLEBORO, Mass.—A convicted sex offender was ordered held on $500,000 cash bail after being charged with sexually abusing his mentally challenged adopted son over the last three years.

James Ramaglia, of Attleboro, was arraigned in Attleboro District Court on Monday. He was charged with four counts of rape of a minor.

His wife, Linda, was arrested on Monday on a charge of reckless endangerment of a child, for knowing about the alleged abuse and not reporting it. She’s scheduled to be arraigned later Monday afternoon.

The adopted son is 19 years old. Police said James Ramaglia began sexually abusing him when he was 16.

According to police, James Ramaglia performed numerous sexual acts on his adopted son, forced his son to perform sexual acts on him, and forced him to view pornography.

At one point, the adopted son told police his father told him he was having sex with him “because my wife can’t satisfy me.“

The adopted son’s brother, Nathan, alerted police after the adopted son told him that their father was sexually molesting him.

“He told me my father was sexually molesting him,“ Nathan Ramaglia said.

The adopted son’s biological mother said she can’t understand how her son ended up in the home of a convicted child molester on probation.

“I trusted these people to watch over my children and they betrayed my trust. I’m glad justice is being served. My son does not deserve this,“ Theresa Maks said.

The Massachusetts Department of Children, Youth and Families declined to comment because of the ongoing investigation.

James Ramaglia served four-and-a-half years in prison for molesting his other two kids.


Happy? Satisfied?

At one point, the adopted son told police his father told him he was having sex with him “because my wife can’t satisfy me.“

For years I used to read posted discussions within certain adoption blogs/forums, in awe, wondering how and WHY PAP's  would actually complain about the "invasive" ("far too personal") questions asked during a home-study... suggesting a couple's sex-life has NOTHING to do with being a good loving parent!

It's a shame so many adoptees know exactly what happens when mommy or daddy isn't happy or satisfied.

nodding my head...

Obviously my daughter knew her mom and dad were not having sex with each other, even though they slept in the same bed.  We did not fight or hit each other, we were just house-mates.  Everyone else believed us to be a happy couple.
I believe men who are not "satisfied with/by their wives" convince themselves that someone else in the family should make up for that lack.  In their minds they convince themselves they are "owed" satisfaction; it has nothing to do with themselves being lacking in any way. 
It amazes me how much I'm hearing of men who choose not only a defenseless child, but one with challenges.  Is it really so much easier to use a challenged child than to seek help?  I believe it's the control as much as the sex that drives a man to such extremes. 
In my mind there are usually more than one problem in a man's life that drives them to such evil; and if that one evil is stifled then another one takes its place:  food, alcohol, sex, control, anger, are just waiting to take their turn in the addicted persons life.  It's usually not just sex.

What did I ever do to deserve this... Teddy

No, it's not just sex

I believe both men and women are capable of getting very angry and agressive when their closest, most intimate relationship isn't working as it should.

Therefore, picture the ways in which an adult relieves anger and stress.

It's not just sex.


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