Focus on Children's dubious affiliations

Over the years we have learned of the dubious relations maintained by the people operating Focus on Children.

In 1999 child trafficker Mai Ly LaTrace through her operation Project Faith was a facilitator for FOC as is reported in IRS 990 forms.

In 2002, FOC cooperated with International Adoption Resource an adoption agency from Coral Springs Florida, which was closed down a year later on charges of child trafficking.

FOC was also one of the agencies affiliated with now bankrupt adoption facilitator Amrex.

For their operation in Samoa, FOC teamed up with Dan Wakefield, a business man from Utah, operating on Samoa, who had previously founded New Hope Academy, a teen torture camp boarding school for troubled teens.

Now Danalee Thornock, sister of Karen Banks and responsible for operating the Wyoming branch of Focus on Children, apparently has found a new side job involving surrogacy.

Just like an adoption photo listing website or one dedicated to Russian brides, surrogate-donation dot com, offers eggs of Russian women for sale within their catalogue. The website lists Danalee Thornock as it's Wyoming partner. Surrogate-donation dot com is owned by Staince Investment Ltd, a company that also runs the following illustrious websites:

So we now know the source of the porn found on Scott Banks computer.

Note: None of the links on this page lead to pornographic websites.


just when you think you read it all

Wow, it just goes to show you that life is a circle, from an adoption agency, to child trafficking, to egg donation, (going right to the conception) to porn.

What will be next.............with this tight knit family?
Is not porn a sin in the LDS faith? It destroys families.

Utah, the porn capital of the US

Recently there was an article in the Salt Lake Tribune reporting that Utah, takes high marks for down loading the dirty off the web.
"Utah's per capita appetite for online pornography makes it the nation's run-away red-light state.
A study by a Harvard Business School professor shows that Utah outpaces the more conservative states -- which all tend to purchase more Internet porn than other states."

So there must be some sort of corrolation with being LDS and having real needs unfulfilled.
Have not figured out how running a corrupt adoption agency, egg donation business in Russia has to do with porn, but I am sure it will emerge.

Let's take a stab

Have not figured out how running a corrupt adoption agency, egg donation business in Russia has to do with porn, but I am sure it will emerge.

People will pay for sex, and pay for babies... people will also pay for eggs and sperm.  People do NOT like the idea of abortion, for all sorts of reasons and fears.  What is the worst mistake a porn-star/prostitute can make?  Get pregnant, for course.

Speaking of what a person will do for money...just yesterday I was reading an article about the way in which parents in Romania are making ends meet.  Some have agreed to send their babies to live with other people, in the UK, because these adult "immigrants" are able to collect government granted subsidies.  [See:  Romanian fraudsters use trafficked babies and children for multi-million pound UK benefit scam ]

People are not stupid.  If there is money to be had, many will find a way to get it.... morally sound, or not.


Samoan adoption scammers

So in Romania, in order to collect funds they send their kids away to another country. So in a very psycho sense the owners of Focus on Children were actually on the cutting edge of subsidies when they approached poor pregnant mothers in market places and suggested to them to give up their children for mere basic necessities(subsidies) so to speak.

For every person out there willing to pay for an item there are parasites swarming around them willing to sell. Guess there is no room for ethics in this sleazy world for the parasites whom are focused on the money!

Go where the money is and that seems to be in selling children and eggs, just make sure your the middleman, and profit from it, but just say on your website that your a "non-for- profit", then stick your clients with giving for HUMANITARIAN funds, and your BANK it.
I am here to tell you that the kool-aid has a lot to do with it. And when the kool-aid runs dry, then watch out green jello.


I always have to laugh when people seem to associate the "non-profit" phrase with the idea that no one is earning a salary.  The post Not for Profit? explains how owners of non-profits operate.

Are Scott and Karen Banks good parental role models?

Focus on Children, the news never seems to end on these two adoption agency owners. As a child advocate I am concerned about placement of children. Now I hear the Banks want to adopt another child who has been living with them.
I am concerned because of all the stories out there on the web concerning previously adopted children by the Banks.

What ever happened to the "forever family" or are adoption agency owners immune to important things like this and being a true role model? There is a young women in American Samoa who was with these so called aparents, and sent away, with her brother. Her brother was also adopted by the adoption agency owners. Then another Romanian was put in a home in no other than Southern Utah.

That makes three strikes that we know of on adopted kids for these folks.
Do adoption agency owners have no conscience or remorse. I have an adoptive daughter and I think of her well being night and day.
What are the other children in this home thinking about what Mom and Daddy did to these children? Shaken in their boots. Maybe that is how some parents operate, as a faulty control factor. If adoptive kids dont tow the line, the line is snipped.

Focus on Children owners Forever Families

"A popular LDS slogan is "Families Are Forever!" That saying, to most people, sounds like a romantic ideal that the love a family shares transcends time. However, Mormons consider it to be the literal truth. They actually believe the family unit is intended to last forever."

I guess unless your an adopted child in an LDS home then your dispensable.

More Mormon mucky mucky when it comes to Adoption

" In our religion, when an adoption is finalized we take the baby to our temple to be sealed to our family for eternity. We believe that a baby who is sealed to the adoptive family is no different than a baby who is born under the sealing covenent (a biological child whose parents were sealed to each other before the baby was born). We believe that in God’s eyes it is the same. Our friends and family were there. What a wonderful feeling to know that our family is eternal and will be together forever, even after this life is over."

If this ain't a bunch of hog wash.

Celestial hell on earth for an adopted child

Borrowed from the "one true religion"

"We affirm the sanctity of life and its importance in God's eternal plan. We honor adoption as a positive way to provide children the blessings of a family and commend the many single women and men who choose adoption for their newborn infants. We appreciate the families who provide adoptive homes for these infants. Likewise, we acknowledge the many families who open their hearts and homes to adopt children who are older or have medical and other special needs.

"" But of course when their special needs of the adoptive child require the adoptive parents to remove them from their home then does that mean that the celestial life is over for the adoptive child and parent?""

"We also commend government and civic leaders who defend and promote adoption and other measures designed to maintain and strengthen the family."

""This is directed at corrupt government officals, including Senators, Governors, judges etc. to encouage and enforce the stealing of "gentiles" children""

An adopted child is eligible to go to the temple with his or her adoptive parents to be "sealed" forever. In that case, the child belongs to the parents, even after death, just as sealed birth children do. (See Celestial marriage).

""Big woopie, meanwhile the child is suffering in shear misery living under a Mormon roof""

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