Working with outdated information

In January of this year the Russian Ministery of Education (MoE) submitted a list of agencies that had been delinquent in submitting required post placement reports. Several bloggers on the internet have already paid attention to it months ago, but it wasn't until yesterday, that I got myself to adding that information to our database. I am glad I have done this, because I was able to learn about several organizations I'd never heard of, but it also showed me how outdated the information is the Russian government works with.

The list producted by the MoE contains several agencies that have not been in business for quite some time, other agencies have moved their offices years ago and some have changed their names. I managed to track back the entries as provided by the Russian authorities, but it took me more than a day to make the appropriate corrections.

Which leaves me with a simple rhetorical question: how two countries cooperate properly when even contact information is not properly maintained?


no contact...

Think about this:  agencies pull in PAP's from all over; most of them falsifying some of their information.  AP's do NOT tell the agencies when things aren't going well within the home.  And then, the adoptive families move or just break contact in a way to hide what is going on.  It's too humiliating to own there are problems.  So the yearly reports stop to the agency; and then the yearly reports get smaller to the sending countries.  Everyone seems to be covering something.  And yet, the countries still buy and sell children to each other...  I've seen it happen.
And I am one who does not report to Holt about three of my children... and they know this... they know why.  I just can not send in reports that have pictures with three members of my family missing.  I just can not face the fact that my husband is in prison because he molested my daughter for years.  And the agency can not face telling the sending country what happened.  Both countries just turn their backs.  In my case, the kids are doing well, now.  In other cases, I wonder just how they are doing.

What did I ever do to deserve this... Teddy

think of all the disruptions

I mean that special on TV about RAD and Russian kids who were at the Ranch... they were sending all the kids to job core at age 16... that isn't right for the kids or the the program... it was supposed to be for poor inner city Americans.... not kids purchased overseas and handed off to someone else when things didn't work out....

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