Foundation for Large Families

Sharon Meyer is the founder of The Foundation for Large Families.

The Foundation For Large Families was started in 1997 as a support group for the large adoptive family. Over the years our goals have broadened as we began to address the policies that go along with adoption.

We have made numerous phone calls and written numerous letters on behalf of families who have been told outright by agencies that they (the agency) would not be able to do a homestudy because their family was too large.

We believe ALL families have the right to go through the homestudy process first and then have a decision made on whether or not the adoption of another child is possible. After all, that’s what a homestudy is all about.

On behalf of families we have even had to address letters to judges who have refused to finalize the adoption of children. If a judge is allowed to refuse to finalize a non-contested adoption then what is the use of a homestudy and supervisory visits by the agency?

We also have many families who are able to successfully pass through the homestudy phase only to be repeatedly turned down by placing agencies who feel 7, 8, or 9 children are way too many already. Somewhere within this magic number of children social workers begin to question the validity of whether or not a family can function as a “REAL FAMILY.“ Most of us laugh at that term as we have and are functioning as a “REAL FAMILY” with 15 or more children who have various degrees of special needs.

Today, while agencies are screaming, “We need more foster/adoptive families," they are over-looking their most valuable resource: the already large family.

Families who have more experience because of their prior adoptions are less likely to disrupt an adoption. They know where to turn for help when needed. They also know what is just a phase in a child’s life opposed to when a child needs therapeutic help.

What may seem overwhelming to a small family is not for a large family. We are professional parents who have been accredited by the children we are raising. Many of us have joyfully adopted a child who has repeatedly been turned down for adoption by other families. We take great pride in our children and our families. We know how to love a child who appears not to want to be loved. We can love a child even knowing we may never be loved back.

The next time you hear of a child that is considered hard to place, contact a large adoptive family. More than likely, they will know of a family willing to adopt that child.

Remember: We Are Your Greatest Resource.

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