simple site statistics-

As a new member here- I am curious about a few things. I would like to ask the age of each member, and the basic locations. I'll do mine first  -   I'm 41 yrs old  I live in North Carolina  USA. See nothing hard just an little bit of info for insight.

Thank you for your participation. Nobodys'girl



"Dad" here.   I'll turn 50 in a week.   Lancaster County, (southcentral) Pennsylvania, USA.

simple enough...

I'm 40, and live in New Jersey, USA.  [I suppose this is info we should include in our "about me" section within our user-profile page, eh?]. 

nothing hard at all

I am 43 and live in the  Netherlands, near the German border. [I will updated the user profiles to show this information]


I'm 59...   I live in Iowa

What did I ever do to deserve this... Teddy

Rock On

I'm 36 in about 2 weeks...I live in the village of Northumberland in PA.

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