Egg scandal: Doctor uses son's adoption as line of defense

Defense attorney for Dr. Harry Miron, who is held by Romanian authorities on suspicion of egg trafficking, claims his client was never motivated by greed, but rather by his wife's experience with IVF

By  Attila Somfalvi

July 27, 2009 /


Dr. Harry Miron, the Israeli owner of the Sabyc Fertility Clinic in Bucharest, claimed Monday that his actions were never motivated by greed, but rather based on "personal drama," namely his wife's experience with IVF.


Harry Miron, along with his son and 30 of their employees were arrested by Romanian authorities last week on suspicion of human egg and stem cell trafficking.



According to reports in the Romanian media, Sabyc Clinic is said to have grossed nearly €20 million in its years of operation.



Miron's attorney told the court that his client's wife was unable to conceive a child naturally, and that their private experience prompted him to specialize in in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and start the clinic. The couple eventually adopted their son Yair, who was also arrested. According to the defense, Yair Miron's biological parents were killed in a "military conflict."


The Bucharest Appellate Court heard Miron's appeal on their arrest Monday. Last week, the Bucharest court remanded both father and son to 29 days.


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Six of one, half dozen of another

According to one of the related articles:

The Romanian authorities alleged that the clinic took advantage of poor woman, who donated eggs in exchange for a fee – an action which is illegal in Romania. One of the women reportedly told the Bucharest police that she had no idea that the act was against the law and that she did it because she was desperate for money.  

"The group was focusing on identifying foreign couples eager to resort to reproduction techniques and on grabbing Romanian (women) aged 18-30 to donate ova (eggs) for $270 to $335," the department for fighting organized crime (DIICOT) said in a statement.   [,7340,L-3749531,00.html ]

A child-producing organization taking advantage of poor women, people desperate for money/child, and a business started because infertility/adoption was a personal experience.

Wow.  Sound familiar to anyone?

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