Molly McCurry denies boys were deprived food

Date: 2009-07-22


Scott McCurry is expected to take the stand this afternoon in his trial and that of his former wife, both of whom are accused of starving and abusing three boys in their custody.

McCurry's ex-wife, Molly, testified this morning and denied allegations that the boys – then ages 5, 7 and 8 – were denied food while other members of the family ate. Molly McCurry said the boys ate three meals and snacks daily. She testified the boys had a stomach virus in the weeks leading up to her arrest in July 2006.

She also denied she had taken drugs when the boys were in her care, although her former mother-in-law testified that she had seen and smoked crack with Molly McCurry in the past.

Police took the boys and the McCurrys' then 10-year-old daughter into emergency protective custody after a neighbor told police that the boys appeared to be neglected. A physician who treated the boys after they were removed from the home in July 2006 testified Tuesday that the boys' physical conditions were the result of prolonged malnourishment and starvation. The 5-year-old weighed 19 pounds, the 7-year-old weighed 32 pounds and the 8-year-old weighed 39.5 pounds.

Molly McCurry admitted that the boys were tied by their wrists to their beds, but said that only occurred after she saw the oldest boy sexually abusing the middle child. She then said that the oldest and middle boys would make sexual advances to the 5-year-old so they also tied him to his bed.

Molly McCurry said she was the victim of domestic violence and feared her husband would kill her if she left the home, although police were never called to the home for domestic violence. When a detective inquired about her arm being in a sling after the children were removed from the home, she said her husband had "never raised a hand" toward her and said she sustained the injury from a fall.

The McCurry's daughter, who now lives with her grandmother and aunt, testified that she witnessed her father spanking the boys, causing bruising, and saw the boys standing at the front door forced to wear bookbags weighted with objects.

The girl, who is now 13, said the boys were tied to their beds, denied food, and forced to stand away from she and the McCurrys while they ate, facing an interior doorway.

The girl became emotional during her testimony and apologized to her mother while hugging her outside the courtroom during the lunch recess.

If convicted of felony child abuse and neglect, the McCurrys face more than 60 years in prison. Testimony in the case could conclude this afternoon.


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