Complaints increase of irregular adoptions

Date: 2009-05-27
Lawyers, judges, doctors and midwives were involved in the process.
Complaints increase adoptions by abnormal

Maby López

Two years after the National Adoption Act, complaints of irregular processes were increased by 2007, which authorities attribute to the confidence in the new rules.

This was stated by Alexander Colop, prosecutor of the Human Trafficking Unit of the Public Ministry, who explained that 100% of complaints received, 97% relate to illegal adoptions.

He explained that most complaints were filed by victims of deceit mothers individuals and institutions, others were brought by the Attorney General's Office (PGN).

According Colop, the population most affected is the rural areas, where parents were forced to sign blank documents, they took their children, or receive money.

"This complicates the investigation because they are far away where there is a phone," said the prosecutor, who added the event to have only eight people to investigate about 250 charges.

Confirmed that a process has been linked to four lawyers, a judge of Escuintla is under investigation, as have several notaries, doctors and midwives.

He noted that there is an arrest warrant against a U.S. citizen, accused of participating in illegal adoptions, will be the appropriate bodies to coordinate their arrest.


The legal adviser of the PGN, Franklin Azurdia said they have filed over 80 complaints in the MP, and are under investigation at least eight people, including doctors, directors of institutions that protect the children and even judges. He noted that several irregularities were found at the time that the children were declared abandoned, after having forged documents such as birth certificates.

Franklin Azurdia indicated that continuing the investigation of at least 800 cases of adoptions that could be flawed.


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