Man Charged With Running Illegal Adoption Network

Robin Topping
Melville Newsday
October 30, 1987

A four-state investigation into a national adoption service that recruits pregnant women to give up their babies - predominantly to New York couples - has led to the arrest of a Florida man who heads the service.

Richard Gitelman, who heads the National Adoption Counseling Service from his home in Coral Springs, Fla., was arrested yesterday after he allegedly lured a pregnant Pennsylvania teenager to give up her baby using misleading advertisements. Pennsylvania authorities have charged him with interfering and conspiring with the custody of a minor and conspiring to place misleading advertisements.

About 90 percent of the babies Gitelman has placed - until recently through private adoptions made final in Louisiana - go to New York couples who, authorities say, pay from $30,000 to $50,000 or more.

While Gitelman had not faced criminal charges before now, his methods have made him a target of investigation by New York, Florida and Pennsylvania authorities and have prompted the Louisiana State Legislature to change the state's private adoption laws, officials said.

"Richard Gitelman was taken into custody at 3 o'clock this afternoon by the Broward County Sheriffs Department and at this point he has been processed and will await arraignment," said Judianne Cochran, executive director of Pennsylvania's Children's Rights Association and coordinator of the Gitelman investigation.

The Pennsylvania warrant was issued in connection with the case of Rebeka Lin Dulik, a pregnant 17-yearold from Nemacolin, Pa., who responded to an advertisement allegedly placed by Gitelman in a local newspaper. The ad stated that a "Young, caucasian, well-educated, financially secure, happily married couple" wanted to adopt a newborn.

In a telephone conversation with Dulik, Gitelman allegedly had promised to pay for her travel expenses, living arrangements, new maternity clothes and medical costs related to delivery, Cochran said.

Dulik's parents reported her missing, officials said. Several days after she disappeared, Pennsylvania authorities tracked down Dulik, then 16, at a Howard Johnson's motel in Baton Rouge, La., said Mary Pruss, an assistant district attorney for Greene County, Pa.

When she was found, she was preparing to move into one of three apartment complexes in Baton Rouge, where Cochran said 15 to 20 pregnant girls have been living at once, under arrangements made between the birth mothers, Gitelman and local attorneys in Louisiana.

Pennsylvania authorities, in connection with officials in New York, Florida and Louisiana, began investigating the Gitelman operation "when we realized the magnitude of advertising and the large number of juveniles involved," said Cochran, who said she talked with about 20 other birth mothers "from here to Texas". "All had very negative experiences, Cochran said."

Gitelman's attorney, Frank Heston of Coral Springs, Fla., could not be reached for comment last night. Gitelman has denied, in court papers, that he runs an adoption agency or sells babies. An adoption agency is licensed by a state and has authority to bring parents and babies together for an adoption. Both agency and private adoptions must be approved by a judge.

But the scope of Gitelman's activities can be measured by a one-year period, ended in 1986, in Louisiana alone. He handled 129 private adoptions, compared with the 145 agency adoptions arranged through the state. All but one of the state agency adoptions involved parties within the state, whereas all of Gitelman's adoptions involved out of state parties, with 90 percent of the babies adopted going to New York couples, authorities said.

The Louisiana Legislature changed its private adoption laws, effective Sept. 30, to require at least one party in a private adoption to be a state resident. Brenda Kelley, a deputy assistant secretary for the office of human development for Louisiana, said the laws were changed mostly in response to Gitelman's activities.

Kelley said authorities were alarmed by allegations from birth mothers about being pressured to give up their babies and getting involved in a little-explained situation. Prospective adopting couples also complained they did not receive complete background on birth mothers through Gitelman. In three cases, Kelley said, children with severe medical problems were abandoned by both birth mother and prospective parents, and were left to be cared for by the state.


my sister

i am searching for my sister!! my mother was 19 and sent to louisiana to live and her baby was taken and ahe was left with little info.. she went through rihard gitelman!!

What is your sister's

What is your sister's birthday?

november 7 1987 please email

november 7 1987 please email me

Richard Gitelman adoption

My niece is turning eighteen in June and is looking to locate her birth mother. Her adoption was arranged through Richard Gitelman, a broker and owner of National Adoption Counseling. She was born on June 30th, 1994 in Lousiana. We were told her birth mother was from South FLorida where we have always resided. Can you please tell us what steps we should take to try to procure the information on her biological family or how to contact Mr.l Gitelman.

Gitelman's whereabouts?

We have no knowledge of the activities of Mr. Gitelman since the later 1980's early 1990's.

I think the best starting point would be to contact Florida Department of Children & Families to learn what happened to Mr Gitelman's license and to his records.

Of course there are also search groups for people from Florida you may want to contact.

searching sister


I would think since there

I would think since there was a case against him that his documents and files for him practice are stored away in evidence and some how you would be able to contact the office, lawyers or police involved in this for leads or help! There is always a way to track someone down with a SSN and the police would have that info. They wont give it to you but they can skip trace him to see where he resides. Otherwise hire a PI they will find the person for you not richard but the baby or the birth parents. I wish you all the best of luck I know how hard it is. My mom gave my little sister up for adoption when she was born and she hired a PI to find us. It only took him 5 months! Now I have a little sister once again but at the age of 30!


everything he did he started in 1988 in coral springs fl try the new york police department I am working on it now let you know what I find

Gitelman follow up


Please contact me reference your posting. I have a lot of information that can help you on your search!

Debra Allen Ruiz - on Facebook


where in fla? He stold my baby too this time it was illegal I lived in broward county Dr Celina Poywing and mabel hernandez were involved along with coral springs medical center. I am currently working on a book to go after them my case happened in 1988 hire a private detective my son was found in a week don't give up



Please join us on our Facebook page and help mothers and adoptees find each other. The group is open for any family member whose adoption went through Gitelman's Agency. There's strength in numbers!


Attorney's A. Bruce Rozas, McGee, DeJean, Manuel - Mamou Adoptio

Please contact me if you were a birth mother or an adoptee and the above attorneys handled your adoption. We have a search and support group on Facebook.


I placed a baby up for adoption in 1990, and lived in Mamou, LA will pregnant. I would like to find my son, who was adopted by couple in New Jersey

Both mom

I gave up my son under a private adoption through Bruce roza (attorney) please help me it was in 1986 at the time my last name was gibson. It was a private adoption. Please help me.

Please help me Donna clauss

Please help me Donna clauss executive director did my looking for my birth parents. I was born Feb 16 1989 my birth mothers name was Margareta dinu my real name was Daniela Cristina parnic. In my letter from my birth mother I recently got from my adoptive mother said she wanted updates in the future. She was pregnant on her 2ND child when I was 18 months. Please help me! Email me or call me 1.262.339.5598. Thank much. My village was puiesti district vaslui.


Kylee, I am assuming you were born in Romania?

Donna Clauss only recently closed Rainbow House International. You can try contacting her via  or
to find out the procedure to get you adoption records. You could ask your adoptive parents for documents as well.

then try to connect with some Romanian adoptees on facebook. I bet they know how to do a search.

How do I find the Facebook

How do I find the Facebook page?
I found yours but not any kind of adoptee page

Gitelman adoptions


I help adoptees from Louisiana find their birth parents. I do not charge for my services. I am very aware of how Gitelman operated and have successfully reunited many of the moms and children. Have you located your family? if not, I can help you. Did you get adopted from a family that lived out of the state of Louisana?? email me at
Debra Allen Ruiz

Ellen - please contact me

I have information that can help you with your search. Please contact me even if you have already located her.

Debra Allen Ruiz - on Facebook

Gitelman A. Bruce Rozas Adoptions

I have a large database of information regarding the adoptions in Louisiana and elsewhere involving Richard Gitelman and A. Bruce Rozas and his associates. Please email me if I can help you. I do not charge for my services.

Richard gitelman

I was adopted through Richard in September 1986
My biological family is from Tennessee an. I was raised
In New Jersey. So just so everyone know both me and
My younger sister were adopted by New Jersey couples
So not all of the babies went to New York. I was born in
Lafayette, Louisiana and was adopted at five days old.
Luckily my biological parents had written me two very
Informative letter ((2 actually)) regarding their appearances
Locations, family members, and previous addresses.
After a very long search ((19 years to be exact))
I was able to locate my biological family and eventually
Even my sister. If it weren't for the letters I doubt if finding
Them would have ever been possible. Richard gitelman
Should never have committed these crimes but in a strange way
I am thankful to him. I was blessed with a wonderful adoptive
Family. But that certainly doesn't justify his actions.
Is there any information on his current whereabouts?


It's good that you actually got the letters I also went thru this left a letter and never heard from him. I'm truly happy for you

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